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Last updated: December 21, 2016 at 18:03 pm

AI, Big Data, Online Marketplaces & Fake News Will Dominate Tech Industry In 2017: UC Web Tech Predictions

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It is the time of the year when technology focussed companies strive to make predictions about their industry, focussed on the next year, and the promises it brings.

Alibaba owned UCWeb, parent company of UC Browser has just released their own tech predictions for 2017, and going by the looks of it, 2017 promises to be a roller coaster year for technology and innovation.

However, there is a warning as well.

Big Data Will Integrate With Content

As per UCWeb’s research, 2017 will combine big data and content into one, thereby creating a platform of interactive, on-demand supply of unlimited content, targeted for the right end-user. Customization of user-preferences will now hold centre-stage, as analytics from big data would be used to create and supply tailor-made content.

The report said, “2017 will be the year when the right content will find the right person as businesses harness data insights..”

Interestingly, the report mentions that for the tech industry, content would be the #1 priority, but the difference would be in its approach. One-size fits all content will perish, as big data will enable laser-targeted, customized content which “speaks to them directly”

In short, instead of readers finding their content, the content will find their readers in 2017.

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AI, IoT Will Influence Apps Of The Future

The scope of Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence will expand in 2017, as mobile apps would be now governed and controlled by them. This means that the apps would become more intelligent, more specific and more timely.

UCWeb has predicted that technologies such as Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence will now dominate the creation of apps, and the reason is that smartphones will no longer be the sole platform for using them.

As apps make an outward journey towards gadgets, smart homes, kitchen appliances and cars, the basic rule for developing these apps would also undergo massive changes.

The report said, “Apps have moved beyond the smartphone and are now essential for every smart product that you use – your smartwatch, smart car, tech-enabled homes and more.”

Cyber Devils Will Spring Surprises

Hacking of emails and websites is now passé`. Mind hacking is the new norm, and 2017 can spring some major surprises in this regard.

As per UCWeb’s tech trends, tech companies need to rein in hackers and creators of fake news, which has already unleashed enough chaos all around. Maybe this is the reason that Google decided to stop paying for advertisements which are run on fake news websites.

The report highlights the fact that how email hacking costed Hillary Clinton her win, and how fake news influenced US Presidential elections, and puts across the opinion that tech companies will be required to stop this trend for the betterment of the whole industry.

Special mention of demonetization move by Indian Govt. has been done in the report. As per UCWeb’s analysis, the demonetization move will trigger more online marketplaces in India, as “India will soon go the China way with digital wallets and cash-less transactions becoming ubiquitous.”

What are your tech predictions for 2017? Do let us know by commenting right here!

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