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Last updated: December 19, 2016 at 15:13 pm

WhatsApp is Adding a New Feature to Edit and Revoke Sent Messages, Exactly like Recalling Emails

WhatsApp Messenger Latest Version New Features

WhatsApp has been releasing some very important features this year, and will probably end the year with an interesting one. This has been requested by users since the time WhatsApp came into being, but the company did not want to launch it.

Now, according to leaks and WABetaInfo’s twitter handle, WhatsApp will allow you to revoke sent messages, and even edit them. This news is sugar to the ears of a WhatsApp user, because so many times in the day I sometimes send a message I did not want to.

Imagine all the messages you sent to the wrong person, or sent something you did not want to to the right person. Revoking, or even just editing, will solve that problem and save you some trouble.

This update has been made available only to a few iOS users, through their beta version. On selecting a specific message, you can see options of revoking, editing, copying and deleting the message. Of course, the caveat for recalling the message is that it should not have been read by the receiver.

This option is not enabled by default, and you cannot edit any messages before this update lands on your smartphone. The feature is similar to recalling unread mails and was long due by WhatsApp.

Since this feature is still in beta mode, we are not sure when WhatsApp will be launching it, but it could take another two to three months before it is made official on both Android and iOS. Android’s Beta version still hasn’t got this ability, so there could be some delay.

More Features Coming

WhatsApp is also testing a feature to allow users to preview the contents of archived ZIP and RAR files. Not much details have been made public otherwise, but you should be able to view the contents of the files being shared with you.

The company recently announced video calls on all its platforms, GIF support and video preview feature. It is also working towards a Snapchat-like status feature, which will be a standalone feature and will allow you to set daily status for your friends.

All these features have been introduced because of the rising competition, especially from Google Allo and Google Duo. These two from Google have some interesting feature, and an in-built assistant that no other service can boast of.

However, WhatsApp has a huge subscriber base of over 1 billion, which will continue grow, unless there is a major mishap. As long as WhatsApp continues to engage its users like this, the platform will remain the most preferred one on both Android and iOS.

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