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Last updated: November 9, 2016 at 12:03 pm

Woah! Android Auto Can Now be Used With Any Car! Google Updates the App to Comply With all Vehicles

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Android Auto was announced for Indian market early this year and a few companies like Mahindra, amongst the Indian manufacturers, adopted this technology early-on. Android Auto now comes with all the high-end vehicles but the segment that is the most heated one still lacks this functionality.

Since vehicle manufacturers are taking a lot time to install Android Auto in their cars, Google decided to update the Android Auto application itself and make it compatible with all car manufacturers.

This essentially means that irrespective of the car, Android Auto will work on your smartphone, like it would on a screen in your vehicle. Anyone with an Android version Marshmallow 5.0 and above will be able to install the app and use it in the car for directions, music and communications at the same time.

The best part about this is, you can plug your smartphone on the phone holder, or put it in front of you and drive without any distractions, while the app does the job for you. You can have turn by turn directions on maps while picking out your favourite playlist.

Google added, “This update also brings the ability to automatically start the app when the phone is paired with Bluetooth. While you can put your phone in any car mount, please keep an eye out for Bluetooth-supported car mounts such as Logitech’s Smart Car mount, which is coming soon to the Google Store and select retail locations.”

Google is also Updating Android Auto App with Exciting Features

The latest version (2.0) with the phone screen experience will be rolling out in the coming days to more than 30 countries where Android Auto is currently available. The most interesting part of this update is the voice-command feature.

Now you can say ‘Ok Google’ and request the app to play music for you, find directions to your destination or make phone calls. You can even request Google to type a message for you and send it when you’re done.

With just three functionalities right now, it looks a bit restricted and not so overwhelming. The major advantage is that it is all hands-free, so you’re not distracted and your eyes are on the road. Moreover, since Android Auto is available in India, where majority of the cars don’t have it integrated, this update makes a huge difference.

This update will be rolling out to all smartphones very soon. Keep an eye out on Android Auto app in Google Play, and make sure to use it the next time you’re driving.

Source: Google

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