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Reliance Jio Starts Home Delivery of SIMs. Here Is How You Can Get It.


Jio Sim Card

India’s largest 4G operator by subscribers and network coverage, Reliance Jio has now started the home delivery of its SIMs. This move would certainly help Mukesh Ambani-led telecom operator to boost its subscriber acquisition rate.

It is worth noting that Jio is the fastest growing telecom operator in the country which achieved 16 million subscriber base within a month of its official launch and increased its subscriber base to 24 million users before the end of the next month.

No other telecom operator has gained a subscriber base of 24 million in less than 3 months in the country before. In fact, many of the incumbents took several months and even years to gain such a subscriber base. However, it is worth noting that Reliance Jio has not achieved such numbers with organic growth.

Reliance Jio has been offering its services for free since its official launch on 5 September 2016 under the “Welcome Offer”.

Under the welcome offer, Jio users would get unlimited 4G internet (FUP of 4GB/day), unlimited SMS (restricted to 100/day in compliance with TRAI guidelines), unlimited local & STD voice and video calls, no roaming charges, no blackout days (Diwali, New Year, Holi, etc.), and free access to Jio’s premium app suite offering Live TV, music and video streaming, etc. Please note that all these services would be offered to the subscribers for free till 31 December 2016 and that is the main reason why everyone is trying to get a Jio SIM.

Jio SIM has become more of a fundamental right these days.

It is also being reported that Jio might extend the Welcome Offer till March 2017, as the subscribers are still not able to enjoy the Jio 4G services smoothly mainly due to call failures and slow internet speeds. Jio had earlier expressed its intent to extend the Welcome Offer until the users are satisfied with their services. This makes perfect sense too. Unless the customers are satisfied with the demo of any product (free Jio services in this case), they will not spend their hard-earned money on buying that product/services.

In case you haven’t seen long queues at Reliance Digital Stores, please know that it is not that easy to acquire a Jio SIM. So in order to gain more subscribers Jio has started the home delivery of its SIM cards.

The home delivery of Jio SIM is currently available only in the select cities of Mumbai, New Delhi & NCR, Kolkata, Pune, and Ahmedabad.

How To Get Jio SIM Delivered At Your Home?

In order the get the Jio SIM delivered at your doorstep, install the ‘MyJio’ app and other Jio apps on your smartphone, and generate the Welcome Offer code.

Now follow the below steps:

  1. Visit Reliance Jio website (this page) , fill up the required personal details.
  2. Submit your Aadhar Card number to Reliance Jio executive when he arrives at your doorstep with eKYC device.
  3. Now swipe your finger at the eKYC device terminal and submit your Jio Welcome Offer code to the executive to get your SIM activated within 15 minutes.

Update: Right now the door step delivery is available to Residential complexes or communities of more than 40 people only. However, Jio plans to extend this facility to Individuals as well! 

That’s it. Simple, isn’t it? This is an excellent strategy to acquire more customers who are otherwise reluctant to stand in long queues for trying out Jio’s services. We are expecting other telcos to follow suit and start home delivery and activation, but Jio has definitely managed to steal the headlines with this clever move.

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  1. saraswathi says

    i have already a jio sim now i dnt a jio sim which i orderedbecause on friday i wont be able to receive theorde please cancell the order which ive placed and dnt deliver the concern order on friday



  3. Arvind says

    Please tell if somebody really got Jio sim by this home delivery ?

    1. aditya says

      ya i got it

    2. Krishna Kumar says

      I tried and received their confirmation on time and day of delivery, but not the SIM. Now if I fill the form, it shows SIM already delivered. Hope some body is not using the SIM in my name

    3. Krishna Kumar says

      I tried and received their confirmation on time and day of delivery, but not the SIM. Now if I fill the form, it shows SIM already delivered. Hope some body is not using the SIM in my name.

    4. jayanthi says

      yes i got it.

  4. Zigg says Ambani’s got my *fingerprint*??? I don’t fuckking like the sound of this….

    1. Vkop says

      Your fingerprint is everywhere if you ever submitted your AADHAR card

    2. Jhonson says

      Indian government already got your fingerprint..
      Do you really trust the government’s cyber infrastructure that much? It might already be in the hands of NSA,FBI,Russia, the dark web and what not?..
      If not already, the question is just when?

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