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Last updated: August 12, 2016 at 15:51 pm

JioFi Router With Jio Preview Offer Available To All Starting Tomorrow

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Yesterday, we reported that all smartphone buyers purchasing a phone costing over Rs. 10,000 can get a Jio SIM for free. Now, according to various reports that JioFi Router (a MiFi device) is now available to anyone starting tomorrow, and not just HP device owners.

The JioFi MiFi device is a LYF product and would be available to the masses from 13th August at Reliance Digital, and Digital Xpress Mini stores at Rs. 2,899. The device would also come Jio Preview offer under which the users would get unlimited 4G internet, HD voice and video calls, SMSs, and unlimited access to Jio’s premium services via Jio apps for 90 days.

Ever since Jio’s beta launch, people have been dying to get their hands on Jio SIM. The main reason behind so much demand for Jio is the fact that it is offering free and unlimited 4G internet for a period of 90 days. Who wouldn’t want that?

Jio Is Already Gaining Market Share

Jio is slowly opening up its network to the commoners. Earlier it was available only to its employees which was then extended to their relatives and friends. The company then launched its website for inviting applications for beta testers who had to buy LYF phones for trying out Jio’s services.

After that the company started offering the Jio 4G SIM to the people who owned mid-range to high-end Samsung phones including Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 edge Plus, Galaxy Note Edge, Galaxy Note 5 / Note 5 Duos, Galaxy Note 4 Galaxy A8, Galaxy A5 2015 and A5 2016 and Galaxy A7 2015 and Galaxy A7 2016.

Recently the company extended its offer to HP laptop and desktop owners who were allowed to get JioFi router device @ Rs. 2,899. The company has also started offering free Jio 4G SIM to anyone who purchases a smartphone costing over Rs. 10,000. Reliance has also launched LYF Wind 3 and LYF Flame 8 exclusively on Flipkart.

Jio is not charging even a single rupee for offering its 4G SIM bundled with Jio Preview offer either with LFY smartphones or for select Samsung smartphones.

Why Is Jio Offering Free Services?

In case you are wondering who could Jio afford offering its services for free and that too for 90 days, then you need to understand that Jio is still optimising its network for commercial launch, which should happen soon. And for optimising the network, Jio needs lots of data points. This is only possible when millions of people start using Jio 4G and provide their feedback about network speed and quality to the company.

There is still no information about Jio tariff plans, but the rumours point us to 2 kinds of prepaid plans– data only plan and data with voice, SMSs, and more.

“There are rumors that there will be at least two prepaid plans (prices unknown), the first offering 75GB of 4G data usage with validity of 90 days, and the second offering the same 75GB of 4G data with additional 4500 minutes of voice calls and 9000 sms valid for 90 days,” reports Raju PP of Techpp.

All devices using Jio services would be able to access premium Jio services for free for 90 days. The services include Jio Play, Jio Chat, Jio On Demand, Jio Mags, Jio Beats, Jio Xpress News, Jio Drive, Jio Join, Jio Money and Jio Security.

From the recent events, and Jio’s plan to open up to the public in phases it is clear that the company doesn’t want to become just another telecom player in the market. Rather, it aims to become the market leader soon.

What are your thoughts about Jio 4G services? All Jio users are requested to share their experience in the comments section. This would help get us an idea about Jio ecosystem which can be used to decide if it would be advisable to get a Jio connection in case of its immediate launch or not.

Via: Techpp

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  • They’re giving it free for 90 days *without telling us what the TARIFFS after that* will be??? What kind of peculiar Gumbani trick is this?? They’re figuring that people will keep it just because they’ve “got used to it”, and also cause they’ve spent a lot of money on that Mifi or SciFi or whatever box it’s called (2899/- is Not Cheap, eh?)….. – sorry, I don’t believe this. *EVERYBODY* understands HOW MUCH THEY’RE PAYING for the damn thing – if it’s too much, people won’t take it. They’ll just enjoy it for 90 days and then switch to someone else, EVEN if it means buying another device or dongle. But of course I read that the other co’s have slashed prices fearing Jio – so maybe my apprehensions won’t come true…. :) Then life will be REALLY good! :)

  • I contacted a couple of stores in Jaipur and they responded first with no such news and sometime after that with an expected date of 16th for such release and a price of Rs. 5,000 (approx.) quoted by the company.

  • Been using jio 4g fit like month Bloody amazing Beats other Telcom companies to dust literally the network is that fast reliable and great

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