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Last updated: July 22, 2016 at 13:46 pm

Forget Emergency Number, Now Use LifeHover to Request an Ambulance With a Single-Touch


Ambulances in India find it very difficult to reach the concerned person on time because of traffic congestion and reckless driving in cities in India. Traffic laws, though strict, are not very strongly applicable on the roads, and developing nations are finding it very hard to provide quicker healthcare services to its denizens.

India is a country where pizza reaches faster than police, also a country where Uber comes faster than an ambulance. Reality is harsh, but that’s the way it is. Working on the same problem, LifeHover has launched an app that orders an ambulance with a one touch access.

It is India’s first GPS-based technology platform for requesting quick and reliable ambulances in case of emergencies and otherwise. The app immediately provides the coordinates to the nearest ambulance and notifies the urgency of the condition.

The app’s website reads, “World Health Organisation states that an ambulance should reach any place within 15-20 minutes after a distress request and transport to a health facility 20 mins from then on. LifeHover ensures that the nearest ambulance to the location of the request is made available at the earliest thus reducing the commute time in an emergency.”

Details of the LifeHover app

Apart from requesting an ambulance that is closest to you, users will also be able to request the ambulance at a later time, in case the situation is not an emergency and requires a regular check-up or operation.

You will also be able to see if there are any ambulances close to your areas, to assess the gravity of the situation. The company promises an ambulance’s turn-around time of 10-15 mins post-booking.

Moreover, the app also gives you an option of selecting the hospital, depending on whether you want to go to a hospital of your choice and or a one that is closest to you. The ambulances are designed for basic life support(BLS), advanced life support(ALS), mortuary and patient transport.

At present, the number 102 serves the same purpose as LifeHover, except the requesters might have to wait longer than required and this sometimes leads to loss of life. This new app aims to minimize the waiting time and provide a reliable service to Indians.

LifeHover is an example of a startup solving real-time problems and there are a couple of others that are working towards improving the conditions in the country. The app is available for both iOS and Android, and ambulances can be booked online on the webpage as well.

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