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Last updated: July 6, 2016 at 18:14 pm

Reliance LYF 4G Phones Get Big Price Cut. Offers 3 Month Unlimited 4G & 2 Years Warranty

Reliance LYF Smartphones Price Cut

As already known, Reliance Jio 4G services are now available to anyone using a LYF branded phone which can bought from Reliance stores. Earlier the company was offering 4G service only to the relatives and friends of Jio’s employees via an invite system.

Recently the company launched its website Jio.com – so that those interested in trying out Jio’s 4G services can register their interest and try Jio 4G.

So, LYF branded smartphone started to gain some popularity but as we pointed out earlier, LYF phones were not that affordable given their hardware configuration. One can easily get much better options supporting VoLTE above Rs. 10,000 so a price slash in LYF series phones was expected.

As per reports, Reliance has now slashed the prices of many popular LYF phones by up to 29.6%.

Let me remind you that all LYF smartphones come with truly unlimited 4G internet access with no FUP and 4500 local + national voice minutes for 3 months.

As of now, Reliance has slashed the prices of selected LYF phones like Flame 2, Flame 4, Flame 5, Flame 6, Water 2, and Wind 6.

Model Old DP Revised DP Price Cut (Rs.) Price Cut (%)
LYF Water 2 13499 9499 4000 29.63
LYF Wind 6 6499 5999 500 7.69
LYF Flame 2 4799 3499 1300 27.08
LYF Flame 4 3999 2999 1000 25
LYF Flame 5 3999 2999 1000 25
LYF Flame 6 3999 2999 1000 25

Water 2 has received a price cut of 29.6%, while Wind 6 got its price slashed by just 7.6%. Flame 2’s price tag is now down by 27% while Flame 4, 5, 6 got a price cut of 25% each.

You can purchase these LYF phones from Reliance Digital Stores or any Reliance approved stores. Along with the phone you will get Jio 4G SIM along with the benefits mentioned above.

However, it is worth noting these Jio 4G SIMs are locked only to LYF phones for the first three month. It seems like LYF has studied the needs of the customer very well. As a result the company has decided to slash the prices of its smartphones while offering the same 2 year warranty.

These phones under the price segment of Rs. 3,000 make for a very attractive buy given the data and voice benefits that the customers would be receiving.

If you are heavy data user then you are practically getting these phones almost for free. You get an unlimited high-speed 4G (Check our Jio 4G Review) internet access and 4500 voice minutes free which more than covers the price of the phone.

I am sure that this price cut would boost the sales of these LYF phones significantly as they now compare head-on with other low-price smartphone makers like Intex, Lava, iBall, and Micromax but offer unlimited data as well.

Source: PhoneRadar

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