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Last updated: April 14, 2016 at 17:34 pm

World’s First Touch Enabled Programmable T-Shirt Has Been Designed By An Indian Startup, And It’s Exciting

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Imagine a t-shirt which is connected with an app; whatever design/text you chose to be displayed on your t-shirt can be changed, modified using the app. Want an image of Himalayas? Save it on the app, and voila! Your T-shirt is now having having an image of the Himalayas.

No, we aren’t talking science fiction here. But reality. And an Indian startup has made it possible to connect technology with garments industry.

T-shirt Which Is Programmable

Broadcast wearables, which is a Hyderabad-based startup has designed a t-shirt which has a LED panel inbuilt, which is touchable. One tap on the t-shirt will switch on-off the LED panel; while a single swipe will enable the LED panel to change the image, which is directly imported from the connected app.

Ayyappa Nagubandi, who is the founder of this startup said, “Our aim is to bring innovation in fashion. Your everyday T-shirt becomes much funkier when you can change the design at your will. Our main challenge was to incorporate the LEDs into the t-shirt and yet make it comfortable for the user,”

The best part is that, the t-shirt is water-proof; hence it can be washed as well.

How Will It Work?

Besides being equipped with a LED panel, which is quite flexible and operates like a garment, there is a small microcontroller, which is attached with a small battery. The smartphone which is ‘paired’ with the t-shirt can connect with the microcontroller, and send the visual data from the smartphone to the t-shirt.

The LED panel will then show the graphics which the microcontroller receives via app.

The end user just needs to pair the t-shirt with the app, then design a pattern or upload an image on the app; and send that design to the t-shirt.

The battery capacity is around 1500 mAh, and the LED is Surface Mounted Device LEDs (SMD-LED) with a flexible Printed Circuit Board (PCB). Total of 792 LEDs will illuminate the t-shirt’s front side.

Besides, a very thin wire will be connected from the inside the arm to the back.

But as per Ayyappa, “We have designed the t-shirt in such a way that it incorporates technology without making the person who wears it uncomfortable,”

The startup has just entered the pre-production phase, and very soon, a crowd-sourcing campaign would be started wherein a price of the t-shirt would be shared.

Besides, the startup is also attempting to create an eco-system around the t-shirt with launch of API, so that developers can create unique products out of this technology.

Here is a video that shows how this programmable T-Shirt works

Will you wear such a touch enabled t-shirt? Will apparel industry change after this idea? Do let us know by commenting right here.

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