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Last updated: September 2, 2016 at 10:11 am

[Updated] Reliance Jio Prices Revealed: 75GB 4G Data & 4500 Mins Call Time for Only Rs. 200!

Reliance Jio Price Revealed

[Update 2]

Finally, Mukesh Ambani announced commercial launch of Reliance Jio Service at Reliance AGM on 1st September. You can check out all the details and prices of Reliance Jio digital services.

[Update -1]

As the Jio Commercial Launch date is getting closer (expected to be on 1st September 2016), rumours about their pricing are getting thick and fast. As per a report from 91mobiles.com, reliable sources have leaked them with Jio Plans.

According to them here are the new plans


Earlier rumours were flying that prices will be around Rs. 200 for 75GB of 4G data. This new leak says Rs. 400 gives you 60GB of data.

We will wait, as the commercial launch does not seem to be too far.

Written Earlier in March

If you remember, Reliance had launched it 4G LTE services, Reliance Jio, back in December only to its employees, as well as some Android powered smartphones, LYF series. Promises were also made about full rollout of services to customers by April 2016 and it looks like Reliance is on track.

According to Credit Suisse, a financial services giant, Reliance is preparing for a soft launch of its superfast 4G services in India in a week or two. The only caveat is that this is a beta expansion and only select few users will be able to get their hands on Jio sim cards as well as Mi-Fi hotspot devices.

The reports said, “Our visits to Reliance Digital stores in Mumbai revealed the stores are preparing for a possible soft launch of Jio’s 4G connections soon.” They also revealed that store staff is getting trainings on the product launch and features.

The updated infrastructure at Reliance Digital stores also indicated that the equipment have been placed in order to quickly enroll the customers and hand out Jio sim cards and Mi-Fi devices. The machines will be able to scan the Identity Documents(IDs) and immediately finalize all formalities.

Pricing of sim cards and Mi-Fi devices

The prices of sim cards to be offered to customers have not been revealed yet but it seems they will be slightly more expensive than what are being offered to its employees. According to reports, the sim cards will be available at a cost of Rs 200 and will offer humongous 75GB of  4G data and 4500 minutes of call time. And yes, it will some freebies as well!

It is not clear whether these are promotional launch prices or whether the prices will change later. It has also not been confirmed if data packs and calling features would be active once the grace period ends.

Coming to Jio Mi-Fi, devices will come with data and VoLTE(Voice over LTE) priced at around Rs 700 – Rs 800. 40GB of data will be provided with three months validity along with recharge plans upto 200GB.

Reliance Jio is very much ready to disrupt the 4G scene in India, currently dominated by Airtel and Vodafone. Users in Reliance circles have been waiting eagerly for the launch and it is so close to being reality now. 4G tests have shown satisfactory results and speeds in real-life scenarios should also be at par with these.

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  • This teriff is much costly for rural india and there is no signal many places in himachal Pradesh. Hum to signal dhoodte rah jate hain. Speed 1mbps se jyada kabhi nahin mill saki. This Jio signal and lyf phone becomes a problem for us. We have need as low cost teriff plans up to100 per month with reasonable data and plans. Logon ki pahuch ke anusar hi hona chahiye . free se bhi karodo customer bane hain to unhain barkrar bhi rakho but Jo jaise aaye vo vastly ja bhi sakte hain

  • I have purchased LYF flame 8 mobile but now sim card not get in Rajula city Gujarat, they have demand extra money. Kindly do needful action. Regards- Suresh Raghani-9924126365

  • Is this “expected on 1st September” based on any kind of FACT, or is this just the opinion of the guy who runs this website? …Cause earlier, they’d said “Aug 15”, and before that…. and before that…..and so on…. …for that matter, is this “tariff chart” based on any kind of Fact?

  • LYF speed currently looks very high because of one reason I think there is only one or two person connected to the tower when testing the speed, but in actual world when number of people will get connected to the tower the speed will go down. Also we cannot compare the 4G speed with other countries because the number of people connecting to 1 tower in other countries is very low because of the density of people in those countries, if we want to compare we can compare with China where the density of population is similar to India.

    • Don’t worry friend…u install my jio app nd sign up.. As a jio play, jio on demand, jio beats, jio money, etc.then u gate unlimited plane automatically.

  • Oh yes it is just like a jok with public .If some one wants to improve the net speed it is not a way to impose the devices . Being someone who already had it why they will have to buy an other . when there is no guarantee of plans and prices . This is only to bound but public is not so foollish and the plan to makes fool can not succeeded .

  • Yes !!!!! This is very good for Indian revolution, be quick to lunch this hip 4G in reliance service we Happy for this service.thanx

  • […] of Reliance Jio, but the road seems to have been a little rough. Although there were leaks of a possible soft launch in April this year, nothing concrete really […]

  • […] on one side is Reliance Jio, which will offer 75 GB 4G data and 4500 minutes of talk time for Rs 200; and on the other hand is BSNL with 20 GB of 3G data for only Rs 50. Other telecom players like […]

  • […] Reliance Jio sim cards will be available at a cost of Rs 200 and will offer humongous 75GB of 4G data and 4500 minutes of call time. And yes, it will some […]

  • […] says, “See, first of all, Reliance Jio is really dicey – nobody knows when it will be launched. I am estimating that it will take another year or so before Reliance Jio […]

  • Average speed is not that great. I am sharing first hand experience. Moreover, it is not reliable. Network breaks randomly and you have to wait for the network to restore. All this when they have covered only employees. Average speed: 300 KBps Max Speed: 1 MBps (may be better in few cities but mostly you wont get very high speed) Advantage: 1. Price: I think this would be the main driving force for most you to switch. Disadvantage: 1. Speed not that great (against what they promise): I have used Airtel 3G, the speed is more or less like that only. not that great. 2. Not reliable: Network issues. For some random reason, their network would break and then you can only wait for it recover which may take as much as 20-30 mins. 3. It’s RELIANCE: It is very difficult for us (at least employees) to trust reliance after we know what they have been doing in their other business. (Selling sub-quality products in the market) PS: Just to save few bucks, I would suggest you to trust Airtel or Vodafone for sometime. Once they have complete commercial launch, then based on the quality take your call.

    • Similar experience rrgardibg speed as I am an active employee. Above all, they charged us 2k for the device (for employees) which in market they are launching at RS. 700 . looting it’s own employees right from the beginning.

    • Reliance se nikaale jane par to bura lag raha hoga Isliye Airtel ka tarif kar rahe ho Reliance JIO ka speed bahut acha hai……

  • I am using Reliance jio services as my brother got one SIM from Reliance. In Pune, It is getting avg speed of 20 Mbps. I am getting range even in lift… It’s time of Cobsumers to hitback Idea, Airtel, Vodafone etc. who looted by providing 30kbps 2g- 1GB for 125 ?.. I am feeling sorry for them as their future is in danger..

    • Hey pratik, I am also in Pune, Can you tell me where from I can get one sim? I desperately need a better mobile internet for working remotely and vodafone is ripping me off at 850 for 6 GB :(

  • They have enough spectrum to support this till there is sufficient users. Anyway it is going to be big bang for data users at-least initially.

    • Mu self abhijeet from delhi i have reliance cdma today i got jio sim for converting cdma to 4g. Rim world doesnot know cdma post paid same plan transfer to jio 4g sim. Jio offer me only 10gb data for first month only after that is chaargable. Customer care also don’t know the plan. Sim will be active after 48 h let c what will happen. But i suggest you pls go witj airtel i have airtel as well n i m very happy

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