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Last updated: December 9, 2016 at 16:59 pm

Nanu, A New Android App To Make Free International Calls On 2G To Normal Phones

There are many Android and iOS apps that allow users to make free calls. Even popular apps like Skype and Viber allow you to do that. However, problem with them is, apps have to be installed on both phones (the caller and the receiver) and you need to have a 3G connection or good Wi-Fi connectivity. If you need to make calls to normal phones, you need to pay money.

Now, a new mobile app called Nanu seems to have come up with a solution that could potentially cause a lot of worry to telecom operators across the world. Nanu Android app allows you make free VOIP phone calls to any normal phones (mobile and landline). The best part is that it can make quality calls even on 2G and congested networks.

Hello Nanu App

Voice calls made on Nanu are completely free, even to those that do not have Nanu app installed on their phones. Nanu can offer free calls because ads pay for the cost of the call. But these are not intrusive ads as you might expect. The ads play when the phone is ringing and immediately stop as soon as the phone is picked up.

Check out their introductory video:

Nanu has been developed by Singapore based Gentay Communications Pte Ltd and the company has received funding from unnamed Japanese corporate investor, and has recently received a substantial investment from an investment group led by Sim Wong Hoo, the former founder and CEO of Singapore-based Creative Technology. [source]

Nanu app already has an infrastructure that can support upto 50 million users worldwide and as the usage of app increases the network capacity too will be upgraded.

As the app has been recently launched (on August 4th), free calls to normal phones is currently restricted to 15 minutes. However, as the subscriber base and usage increases, the free call limit will go up as well.

Does it really work?

Yes, it does…

We have tried many similar apps earlier which have promised clear voice calls on 2G network, however, no app has come near to offering satisfactory results. However, Nanu worked as advertised. We made calls to normal mobile phone numbers in India, and made an international call to a landline. Both the calls connected immediately and voice clarity was nearly equal to a traditional call. Only thing we encountered was that voice was slightly delayed (which you generally encounter with all VOIP calls). Overall, we were pleasantly surprised with the quality of calls on Nanu.

If Nanu does manage to grow (and we think it will), it is sure to cause lot of heartache to telecom operators across the world.

Finally, we may have a mobile app that seems to have solved the free-ad-supported-call puzzle. Do install this app and let us know what you feel.

Download Nanu App on Android (iOS version coming soon)

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  • I installed the app but when I try to activate it it tells me ” Verification failed. Invalid fesponse from server”. What should I do?

    • Hi, We have unpublished the app from the app store as we are in the process of enhancing the app. Our intention is to republish the app as soon as possible and our technical teams are working 24/7 to delivery the app…..stay tuned!

    • I tried the app, and can corroborate that the voice quality is just superb. No distortion or anything. Just don’t forget to prefix country code to the number you’re dialling, or the call won’t connect. One more thing, how can we get more free Nanu to other local numbers minutes? 15 mins are not too much you know. :p

      • Thanks for your support Anand, In regards to giving more free nanu-to-nonnanu minutes, our mission is ultimately give unlimited free calls. Once we start broadcasting adverts over the ring tone, we will start to generate revenue and then be able to subsidise the cost of these calls and to grant more and more free minutes.

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