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Facebook Makes First Indian Startup Acquisition With Little Eye Labs

Little Eye Labs, a year old Indian startup has become the first Indian startup acquisition made by Facebook. The startup has build a tool that does Performance Analysis and Monitoring to identify and fix performance problems in Android Apps.

In the announcement made on their site, Little Eye Labs has mentioned that the team will join Facebook mobile development team at their Menlo Park, California headquarters.

Little Eye Labs

Little Eye Labs was founded by bunch of program analysis geeks who wanted to build better tools for Mobile developers. They got their seed funding from GSF and VentureEast Fund. The first official version of their tool was released in April of this year.

Facebook’s acquisition of Little Eye Labs is purely an acqui-hire, meaning they acquired the company for the team, rather than for their product. The Little Eye Labs team has not mentioned anything about the future of their product after moving to Facebook. The team will primarily work on measuring, analyzing and optimizing Facebook’s mobile app.

As far as the exiting customers go, they have put up following message on their downloads page:
If you’re an existing customer of Little Eye, we’re happy to let you know that we’re working on a version you can use until June 30, 2014. You should have received an email from us with further information, but if you didn’t please reach out to us at support@littleeye.co

Even though facebook has acquired Little Eye labs for the team rather than a product, it is a big boost of Indian startup ecosystem. It just reiterates the fact that India has some really capable minds, and it would not be long before we start seeing some world class tech products coming out of India!

Kudos to the entire team of Little Eye Labs!

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