DMA Says Radiations From Mobile Towers Too Low To Cause Any Harm To Humans!


Delhi Medical Association has recently made a statement saying, there is no evidence to suggest that radiations from mobile phones or Towers can cause any harm to humans.

Whether radiations emitted by mobile phones and towers are harmful for humans or not has been an ongoing debate for past few years. While there are group of researches who firmly believe that it cause harm, some suggest otherwise.

A Panel of specialists from Delhi Medical Association reviewed studies done by World Health Organization- The Danish Cohort Study – which was conducted across 13 countries. The DMA specialists also looked into Hardwell study, based on which they have come to a conclusion that the limit set for emitting radiations from mobile phones and towers is far too low to have any effect on human beings.

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DMA president Anil Agarwal made a statement in this regards “Radiation emitted by the sun is thousand times stronger than ones emitted by a tower. Even the energy inside an oven in one second is multiple times stronger than the cell phone tower emissions. Cell phone photons do not have enough energy to cause a mutation in our DNA,”

Indian Government had last year reduced the permissible radiation limit by tenth for mobile phone towers from 4500 milliwatts/sq. m to 450 milliwatts/sq. m. Also, the specific absorption rate (SAR) value is set to 1.6 W/kg as per WHO. To ensure that mobile phone users know the SAR value of a mobile handset, Indian Govt has made it mandatory for mobile phone manufacturers to clearly state the value on the handset.

While DMA have found no evidence, various other studies including a presentation given by Prof Girish Kumar of IIT Mumbai are clearly of the opinion that there are serious radiation hazards to humans due to Cell phone towers. Here is the presentation, released by him in 2010.

Here is an infographic that presents you with facts about “whether mobiles are harmful“, but still the question remains open…

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