Indian Govt Made 515 User Specific Requests, Microsoft Honoured 80% Of Those!


Microsoft has come out with their Transparency Report for first half of 2013. According to the report, Indian Govt made 321 requests asking for information on 515 user accounts between Jan to June 2013. These requests were made for information on various Microsoft properties as well as Skype accounts.

For the requests made, Microsoft made disclosures for 80.6 percent Microsoft accounts and 79.1% for Skype accounts. 16.2 percent of requests did not have any data, while for 3.2 percent of requests were fully rejected.

Microsoft transparency report

Indian Govt has always been one of the top 5 countries when it comes to making user data requests, be it Google, Facebook or Twitter. However, the quantum of requests made to Microsoft by India are relatively lesser than on other sites.

In first half of 2013, India made 19th highest number of requests, which represented approximately 0.75 percent of total 37,196 requests made by all countries. US made highest number of requests with 7,014, followed by Turkey (6226), Germany (5185), United Kingdom (4404) and France (4379). The top 5 countries themselves contributed to over 73 percent requests made.

At a global level, Microsoft honoured 77.2 percent of all user data requests that it received during this period. It is interesting to note that unlike Google or Facebook, majority requests made by Indian authorities were honoured by Microsoft.

Another interesting aspect of the report is that as compared to 2012, the user requests have come down drastically in 2013. In 2012, a total of 75,378 for 137,424 potential accounts were made.

Read Full Microsoft Transparency report here.

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