Smart Phones Dumb People? [Book Review]


Technology is such a part of human life now that we take it for granted. Things work as they should and if they break we simply replace them with a replica without a break in the process.

However, this does not mean that technology can’t be used creatively. Or the purpose of technology is to just provide a good phone and a good entertainment system. If used properly, technology can act as the medium which solves problems that have infested our country for so long now.

This is the theme of Parthajeet Sarma’s ‘Smart Phone Dumb People?’.

As the subtitle suggests- ‘Using 21st century tools to address 19th century issues’. It is a 164 page book that on the front looks a light hearted, funny and possibly fictitious book but don’t let that deceive you. The book is not your regular mind less reading that is produced so often in the name of literature.

Smart Phones Dumb People

The author Parthajeet Sarma is an entrepreneur and thinks like one. Perhaps this is one of the best qualities about the book. The examples that the author gives are not some random examples plucked from thin air. Many are what he has either experienced or seen at a personal level.

Also, the relevance of the book is uncanny as it discusses issues that are clearly visible in modern India. His approach to solutions has an in-your-face attitude. Once they are presented, one realizes that it should have been visible to the reader as well.

More than once, I had an ‘Ah!’ moment which considering my present involvement and interest in technology is commendable!

On the other hand, the book has its downside as well. The first and foremost is that while being a small book (164 pages), it is no light read. This is a thinker’s book and its appearance betrays it in this regard. One might take it for a journey and will surely be disappointed.

The book sometimes loses its pace as well and becomes a little stretched because of too many examples perhaps. Also, the title loses its relevance soon, as the subtitle takes prominence. In other words, do not pick this book to pass time as it requires grey matter.

Another point which I believe hinders the book is that the examples that the book has do not have any references. Maybe it is my research background, but my mind is wired to look for a reference whenever I read something incredible – because I want to know about it more and sometimes plainly because I do not believe it. While it is of little importance in a fiction book, for a non-fiction book, I believe that references are essential to back up any fact or example. This however is just a personal gripe.

Bottom-line, the book will make you think.

The examples are interesting in general, the solutions are very practical and while the book is a page turner for most part, the content is not something you can grasp in one sitting (unless you give no thought to anything and read it like fiction).


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