TRAI Cautions 7 Banks For Flouting Tele-Marketing Rules


The steps taken by TRAI to stop pesky tele-marketing calls are not just for name-sake, they want to make sure that the rules are followed.

TRAI has taken multiple steps over past few months to stop pesky calls and SMSes including stopping SMSes through international gateways, DND Implementationputting a ceiling on the limit of SMSes sent in day, signature verification of Bulk SMSes, strengthening consumer complaint redressal process.

In August, they came up with yet another ruling which said that operator will get penalized Rs. 5000 for every Spam complaint registered by the consumer. In addition to this, any entity against which the complaint is received for the third time will receive full disconnection of telecom services from the operator. The said ruling came into effect on September 6th, 2013.

Even after the regulation came into force, TRAI continued to receive complaints, especially from major banks and financial institutions. These banks have continued to violate the regulations by marketing their products and services through unregistered telemarketers.

TRAI has published list of 7 Banks who have flouted the regulations, here it is:

7 Banks TRAI caution

As per the regulations, full bouquet of telecom services to these banks have to be disconnected by the operator. However, TRAI understand the serious implications it will have on general public if their services are disconnected. Hence, keeping the larger public interest in view, TRAI has decided to exercise temporary regulatory forbearance.

TRAI has given these banks 7 days to take corrective action and report back to them. If these banks fail to do so, all their telecom services and resources will be disconnected throughout the country.

It is great to see TRAI’s tough stand and it’s will to put a permanent end to unsolicited commercial communication, which has been one of biggest issues mobile subscribers have faced.

  1. Sushil Girdher says

    Trai has Started GUNDAGARDI……….Nobody has any problem from Banks………Rather banks provide us a facility to know transactions alerts through SMS………As far as telemarketing Calls are concerned..SBI and PNB are Govt Banks………They have no such thing…………..

    These Banks should join hands together to oppose this move of TRAI

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