AuthorSTREAM Launches Powerpoint Templates Marketplace


Chandigarh based AuthorSTREAM, second largest online platform for PowerPoint sharing has announced launch of authorSTREAM Templates Marketplace, that offers professionally designed templates and diagrams to content creators.

The marketplace is said to offer over 60,000 PowerPoint slides across 40+ categories. The prices for these professionally designed templates start from USD 3.99 and above.

Author stream PowerPoint Templates Marketplace

authorSTREAM has been around for few years now, and they have struggled to compete with SlideShare, whose numbers have been swelling at rapid pace, especially after their acquisition by LinkedIn.

This is an interesting and a welcome launch by them, as online presentation space definitely has a need for this kind of marketplace.

Many presentation creators have frequently struggled to come up with good PowerPoint templates out side of those available by default on in Microsoft. To find good templates, creators had to browse and search several websites and search engines. But with authorSTREAM’s new template marketplace, finding good looking, professionally designed templates will be a breeze.

Besides templates, the marketplace also features PowerPoint diagrams, ranging from arrows, funnels, flow charts, cycle diagrams to marketing, sales and Christmas-related slides. Each PowerPoint diagram is fully editable so that users can modify it as per their requirements.

In regards to the launch of this marketplace, authorSTREAM’s CEO Harman Singh said, “With this marketplace, sellers and dealers of PowerPoint templates will be able to widen their reach and showcase their designs to our fast-growing 4.5 million+ user database. Buyers stand to benefit immensely from the best deals and quality designs throughout the year.”

Interestingly, the marketplace focuses on western markets, as the pricing is in US dollars and even while making the payment, customers can only pay either through credit cards or through paypal. There is no option of debit card purchases.

Another point to note is that majority of the 60,000 templates featured on AuthorSTREAM marketplace come from one vendor only –, who have one of the world’s largest collection of PowerPoint content. As a marketplace, they needed to tie-up with more vendors and also have templates created by individuals. It will probably come up as the marketplace gets popular.

So next time you are in search for a good PowerPoint template, authorSTREAM may be a good place to start as long as you have a credit card or a paypal account in your name.

  1. Akash says

    Hello Arun, thank you so much for such a wonderful coverage of this latest launch by authorSTREAM! Loved the review, inputs and feedback you’ve shared with your users.

    Regarding a couple of things – Initially the templates are by SlideTeam but more are soon joining the league soon. Also, your point of Debit Card payments is well received and we hope to have a workaround for the same in the following iterations of this update.

    Really appreciate your detailed feedback! On behalf of my entire team, Thank you once again! :)

    – Akash
    authorSTREAM Team

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