Weekly Wrap-up: Apple iPhone 5C/5S, Directi Acquisition, IRCTC Windows & More…


Here is a quick wrap-up of the article we published on trak.in last week.Trak.in weekly news wrap-up

Congress aims to boost its online campaigning with launch of Bharat Nirman Web Portal, A showcase of India’s Development Under Congress Government

Global Software behemoths Like Adobe and Microsoft have now moved towards cheaper Software subscription models – It marks the coming of age of software industry

Currently, Aadhaar card can be used only as valid ID proof for new mobile connection, but soon DoT is coming up with guidelines that make this an instant, online and secure verification process using Biometric data

PayPal has launched Beacon, a USB powered Bluetooth device that enables merchants to accept hands-free and seamless payments from PayPal customers at their brick and mortar store!

Apple announced launch of iPhone 5S & 5C. The most talked about feature on 5S is its fingerprint scanner – Is it just a gimmick or a game-changer and probably also NSA’s dream!

Directi, India’s largest domain registrar has reportedly been acquired by US based Endurance International group, the owner of properties like domain.com and Hostgator

iPhone 5C is supposed to be cheap and directed towards mass market, but in reality it commands a price point that exceed even the most high-end Android smartphones. Why did Apple do it?

India has 7850 Ultra High Net worth Individuals with highest percentage of female population. People with over USD 30 million wealth are termed as UHNW.

TRAI has released TV Viewership Rating Guidelines and it support self-regulation of television ratings through an industry-led body like Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC)

Three of its final year students from nondescript Indore Based college  have developed a project called Smart Attendance Management system ‘Wizard’ which will help teachers mark the attendance automatically on their computer system or smartphones.

Amazon’s Indian marketplace catalogue seems to be growing at rapid speed. They have now added 2 new categories Personal Care Appliances and Toys & baby products.

ICICI Bank has come up with a new credit card called ICICI Bank Carbon which sports an LCD screen and keypad to generate OTP for secure online Shopping

IRCTC has launched an official app exclusively for Windows devices. Travelers can now do everything that they do on IRCTC website from their smartphones, Tablets and even Windows 8 PCs

According to Worldwide University Rankings for 2013, Indian premiere institutions, IIT Rankings have consistently dropped in last 5 years. But should we be worried about it?

Indian Govt released Economic Outlook 2013-14 whitepaper. Here are the highlights of the same

  1. Thanks for your run down of the news from India’s perspective. I have checked out some of these posts and they are very interesting. Thanks for your point of view on these headlines and on things specific to India.

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