Notion Ink Releases “I’m Shakti” Android App For Emergency Safety Situations


Notion Ink, the company that came into limelight for their tablet PCs (which failed to gain market share) couple of years back seem to have pivoted into developing Mobile Apps. They have launched a mobile application for Android phones interestingly named I’m Shakti. Once installed this app can be a life-saver in emergency situations.


How I’m Shakti Works?

Once users have installed the app on their phone, they will first need to add contact numbers to whom the SMS can be automatically be sent incase there is an emergency. Once the number is sent, the app automatically finds user’s physical location through GPS and sends the exact location co-ordinates if chosen.

There are various ways by which a message can be sent when an emergency situation arrives. The app user can send it manually by single clicking on “Send Emergency SMS”, or it will be automatically sent on pressing the Power button 5 times in quick succession (within 2 seconds).

By default,  I’m Shakti app will send users’ location as default message to their listed emergency contact at that time and convey that the user is in need of help.

I’m Shakti app users can also customize their Emergency SMS. This feature assists in case users are not in a hurry or have no access to the internet, as they can quickly type in the location. The SMS is built by simple check boxes enabling the user to add customized texts like

  • Don’t call back, not safe
  • Pick me up, will wait here
  • I’m very low on battery.

In addition to this, the app has an option to turn off all your connectivity services, dim the mobile screen and kill all running applications in case the mobile is critically low on battery and need to conserve the charge.

There is also another option that enables you to put your phone in a state of complete silence.

Our Take

We tried using the app, and it works quite well. The app can come really handy to everyone especially women and children.

I’m Shakti is not the only app that offers such a feature. Recently, Pune based Extentia had launched a similar app called “SOS – Stay Safe”, that allows users to send an discreet emergency alerts by just shaking their mobile phone at a preset intensity.

There are few other Android apps that offer similar features as well!

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