Adds Toys, Baby Products & Personal Care Appliances To Their Ever-Growing Catalogue


Amazon’s Indian marketplace catalogue seems to be growing at rapid speed. They have now added 2 new categories Personal Care Appliances and Toys & baby products. With this they now have total of 9 top level categories which include Books, Kindle Store, Movies & TV shows, Computers & Accessories, Cameras & Photography and Portal Media players.

Amazon was launched in India in June with just 2 categories – Books and Movies/TV. But their catalogue has grown rapidly over last 3 months. It is expected that they will also launch fashion & Apparels category shortly!

Amazon catalogue baby products

Coming back to the new categories, Personal Care appliances has over 1200 products distributed in 2 main sections, health care devices and Personal care appliances. The Toys section has over 7000 toys and games listed whereas the baby products section has over 3000 items listed.

With these new category additions, the amazon store offering has increased by over 12000 products.

Amazon’s entry into India is a significant step forward for India’s online commerce space. Not only does Amazon have very competitive rates, currently they are also offering free delivery of products to customers buying from their store.

According to ComScore’s June report, Amazon had attracted 4th highest traffic among all e-commerce sites in India. I would not be surprised if Amazon beats Myntra and Flipkart traffic by end of this quarter. Even back in June the difference between traffic between Amazon and Myntra was around 1.2 million (13.1 mln of Myntra compared to 11.9 mln for Amazon)

Flipkart, who have been ruling Indian e-commerce space for past few years have been wary of Amazon’s entry into India. They increased their affiliate commission rates in July to match that of Amazon, so that they do not loose affiliate partners, who are one of the important channels for product sales.

The rise of Amazon in India has created healthy competition amongst Indian e-commerce sites thereby indirectly benefitting Indian consumers by way of competitive prices of products and better customer service.

There is no doubt, Amazon is living upto it’s name in India.

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