Insights On How Mobile Web & Apps Are Used By Indian Consumers


Indian mobile consumers are young and a vibrant lot – With over 90 percent of them aged below 35 years, they form a very different demographic as compared to any other country in the world. The latest Mobile Internet Consumer 2013 report released by Vserv in association with The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) provides interesting insights about mobile consumers in India.

Indian mobile internet consumers are not only young, but are heavily dominated by male counterparts. Only 1 out of 10 mobile internet users in India is a female. In contrast, most western countries have more female users than male.

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Mobile consumers are also highly educated with 72 percent of users having minimum a Diploma to their name. 48 percent of them have either a Graduate or post-graduate degree.

When it comes to occupation, 1 in 3 of them have a full time jobs and 29 percent of them are students. 2/3rd of the mobile internet user base in India belongs to the earning class.

As far as downloading of content goes, mobile games and apps are the most popular with 69 percent of mobile users doing it atleast once in a month. Watching videos on mobile is also a popular activity with 57 percent doing it atleast once in a month.

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Though it is traditionally believed that mobile advertising has much lower RoI, mobile users in India like certain type of ads.

Mobile ads that allow to download mobile content are most popular with 59 percent users clicking such ads, while 41 percent users liked ads that showed good deals on something. This is an important finding which brand managers and advertisers should look at while deciding on their mobile advertising campaigns.

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Indians that user mobile internet are also economically stronger with 60 percent of them owning either a car or a two-wheeler. 41 percent of them own computers, while 21 percent of them have tablets. The report also states that they lead an affluent lifestyle who frequently eat out, watch movies and go to shopping malls.

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