Now, Twitter Users Can Report A Tweet As Abusive Or Spam!


This was one of the most requested feature by twitter users, especially celebrities and other popular personalities who are constantly barraged with abusive tweets in their name. Till now there was no way to take any action on tweets that were abusive or spammy in nature. Twitter seems to have responded to that.

Twitter has now introduced a facility where users can report tweets directly from their timeline using the “report tweet” button.

reoprt Tweet

Twitter already had “report tweet” implemented on their iOS twitter app, however, it has now been implemented on all platforms including android and web. They released an update to their Android app today to include this button. Though, they have mentioned it in their update notes of the button inclusion, when we tried to find it on the app, we just could not find it.

Users can not only report a tweet, but also report an abusive user created by Twitter separately, where the person reporting could provide complete details including the user name, nature of tweet (private info, abusive, violent threats) along with other specific parameters.

Twitter seems to have acted swiftly to a petition that was filed on on behalf of Caroline Criado-Perez, who campaigned to keep women on banknotes, but was targeted repeatedly with rape threats on Twitter.

report abuse button

This petition got overwhelming response with nearly 140,000 users signing this petition since it was put up.

Twitter has also made changes to their Terms and Conditions on abusive behaviour to reflect its zero tolerance policy on abuse.

I think Twitter should have implemented this long back, but better late than never!

  1. Kenya Real Estate says

    This was something that should have been introduced ages ago, the london woman who was threatened with rape really made the introduction faster.

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