Narendra Modi’s Yet Another Sign Of Popularity – Number Of Android Apps Created In His Name!


Narendra Modi, current chief minister of Gujarat and potential Prime Ministerial candidate from BJP is currently darling of the media as well as masses. Infact, it’s very rare to see a day when something or other is not written about him in offline as well as online media. He is probably the only Indian politician right now who has throngs of passionate supporters and equally strong passionate detractors as well.

Narendra Modi’s online popularity far exceeds any other politician in India is on par with some of the most popular leaders in the world. Just to give you an idea about his popularity, here are some of the numbers he commands,

Another yardstick to check his popularity online would be if you search “Narendra Modi” on Google Search.  It returns over 44 million search results. Comparatively, “Manmohan Singh”, India’s prime minister for past 9 years returns 29 million search results.

He is the also the only politician in India and one of the very few in the world to have a Smartphone named after him.

However, today I found something that probably is a very unique yardstick to gauge his popularity. The number of mobile apps dedicated to him. If you search Narendra Modi on Android Play store, you will be surprised to find that there are more than 20 apps dedicated only to Narendra Modi excluding his own official app.

Narendra Modi

And these are not similar apps to each other – Some list down his wallpapers, some give his complete biography, some of them offer quizzes and many other offer real-time news related to him. And every app in his name have been rated 5 stars.

In comparison to him, Manmohan Singh as 1 app, Sonia Gandhi has none, Rahul Gandhi has 2 (interestingly, one of his app is priced at USD 20!)

One thing is quite clear, NaMo leads the online and mobile race by a very large margin. Unfortunately, these numbers mean very little when it comes to real elections, there you need to have offline numbers!

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  3. Suresh Kumar says

    Best part is they are genuine followers and not paid followers / bots ;)

    1. Vijayaraj says

      These are nothing but a well-planned online media onslaught by his American PR managers. He spends millions of dollars on PR efforts every year. All in his quest to be the Prime Minister. But will it help him reach there?

      1. Arun Prabhudesai says

        @Vijayraj I am not sure if he is spending millions on getting the coverage… And if thats the case, he can put those millions to better use. Let me tell you…this online popularity has little bearing on election.

        Like I mentioned in my last line, it is not the online world but the offline world that decides the success of a candidate…

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