Why #HappyWeddingAnniversaryVijayandSangeetha Has Gone So Popular On Twitter?


If you are Indian Twitter user, by now you have definitely come across this hashtag – #HappyWeddingAnniversaryVijayandSangeetha. It is probably one of the longest and also probably one of the most popular hashtags. Infact, it is right now the most popular twitter trend in India.


You never know what will go viral on social media sites like Twitter, however in most cases, top trends are related to something either extra-ordinary, or something really funny or something related politics or current events.

However, this particular trend beats everything – The twitter hashtag, #HappyWeddingAnniversaryVijayandSangeetha,  as one can see, is simply a wedding anniversary wish to a couple called Vijay and Sangeetha. After much fact finding, it seems that it is related to popular South Indian actor Vijay and his wife. Being popular actor, some of fans might have created this hashtag.

However, it has gone so viral that people without any knowledge of those 2 names or who they are, are also tweeting it. Even many Indian twitter power users are talking about it as well!

It’s popularity defies all logic – We spent half an hour to see how it originated and tried to find reason why everyone is talking about it. Being a popular south Indian actor is not a reason enough for it to go so viral.

The only reason I think why this could have gone so viral was the length of the hashtag itself. It is the longest hashtag I have seen. It is like the entire sentence has been made into a hashtag. That uniqueness seem to have caught on with the twitter users. And once any twitter users sees it 3 or 4 times appearing on their timeline, they join the party as well! And then it spreads like Wildfire

Ok and if you are wondering who these Vijay and Sangeetha are, here is the photo from OneIndia celeb Gallery. Yeah… he looks familiar, isn’t it?

vijay and sangeetha

Do you think there is any other reason for this hashtag going viral? Would love to hear what you think!

  1. TJ says

    Check this link. https://twitter.com/search?q=%23happyweddinganniversaryvijayandsangeetha&src=typd&mode=realtime

    It’s pure marketing. Those tweeters tweeting the same tweet and check their biography, they all doing marketing job. Cheating!!

  2. Sandhya Vijayan says

    Well, one of the reasons I think this has gone viral is because more than half the users who are seeing this hashtag do not know who is actually being talked about here! I see users all over twitter asking who the two people are, and I believe that is constituting about half the tweets with this incredibly long hashtag trends. #HappyWeddingAnniversaryVijayAndSangeetha. Its just the utter curiosity of people.


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