Google Play Accounts For More Consumer Spending On Portable Games Than Hand-Held Devices!


Mobile gaming is large and there is no question about this. Even before smartphones came into the picture, hand held devices were quite famous.

In fact, Nintendo DS is the most sold gaming device in the world. Even feature phones were used a lot for casual gaming with Snake being one of the most played games in the world. Nokia can vouch for that.

Since 2007, with iPhone and Android Smartphones coming into picture they have continued to eat up the market share of the handheld ecosystem. In fact, I have mentioned before as well that Hand held gaming is now more about the phones than specific devices.

This has gained more strength with this new piece of information.

According to report from IDC and App Annie, here, Consumers are spending more on Google Play than in Sony PSP Vita or Nintendo 3DS. Now, Google Play is on second spot after Apple.

World wide gaming consumer spending

Apple of course, is far too ahead of any of the three to have any concern about this. This growth however suggests that it is on the rise and its strategies for growing its mobile gaming are working.

Google has been pretty aggressive about mobile gaming and with better processors and screens the games themselves are gaining prominence as well. Current Nexus crop has excellent graphics and the latest update of Android has the newest OpenGL 3.0.

Along with this, the expansion of Google Play to 130 countries has improved its accessibility.

It is noteworthy to know that this comparison is between the billion handsets running Android and about 200 million handheld devices. That reason why the handheld devices had till now greater revenue was because of its greater revenue per user (this is because the games cost more).

On an average a game on Android (if not free) would cost around $3 with a median of $1 (Rs. 60). Hand held devices command a higher price with games costing as much as their big brothers (PS3 and Nintendo Wii U).

Now, while this report does not imply that Android and iOS are cannibalizing the sales of PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS, it sure will give frowns to Sony and Nintendo as the lucrativeness of developing the games goes to mobile phones.

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