Snapdeal Delivers 2 Coconuts Instead Of Pair Of Shoes!


Do you remember the incident when a Flipkart customer received 2 stones instead of an iPod? If you do not recollect, here is the story.

It seems, a similar incident has happened with a Snapdeal customer – Instead of a pair of Slazenger shoes, Snapdeal package had pair of 2 coconut shells,

The name of the customer is not given, but her friend, one Aditya Tibrewala put up the picture of his blog and narrated the story. Here is the picture posted by him.

Snapdeal package

Like with Flipkart incident, it is clear that this is handiwork of the package delivery guys. In all probability, the shoes were probably replaced with Coconut shells after it left the Snapdeal warehouse.

Now, these kinds of incidents do happen – But the most surprising aspect of this whole incident was even after 3 days of this incident happening, there has been no response from Snapdeal. Atleast, that’s what it looks like if Aditya’s tweets are to go by.

According to his post, Snapdeal customer care was immediately contacted in regards to it and they requested 24-48 hours to resolve it. After nothing happened, they barraged Snapdeal on Social Media platforms.

Till today morning, the resolution for the incident has not been reached and if Aditya’s twitter timeline is anything to go by, it looks like Snapdeal is trying to ignore the problem. Here is the snapshot of Aditya’s twitter timeline Since August 17th.

Aditya Timeline

Like I mentioned previously, in such cases, Snapdeal needs to acknowledge the problem on priority basis and bring a quick resolution for such issues.

[Note: We do not have information about actual customer of this package, we presume it is Mausam Shah (based on tweets)– Also, the photo does not in anyway show that it was a snapdeal package. And hence, there might be slight chance that, it may not be authentic. Having said that, Snapdeal seems to have acknowledged it and hence looks to be genuine]

  1. Aditya Tibrewala says

    Hi Arun,

    Thanks for taking note of this issue and escalating it on your forum. Your article is much appreciated by Mausam and I and we hope that Snapdeal and other E-commerce websites take note of this instance and improvise on their service.

    Snapdeal has acknowledged the goof-up and have agreed to send a replacement pair. Now we only need to wait and see if we get shoes or bananas this time.

  2. Nitesh Kunnath says

    I majorly buy stuff from flipkart and snapdeal….. Sad that such incidents may happen.

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