Linkedin Opens Up For Students, Launch University Pages


Now that Linked has made themselves synonymous for Professionals, they are turning towards school and college students for expansion.

Linkedin has made 2 big announcements  – One, they are opening their platform for students above age 13 years (14 incase of some countries) and second, they have added a new feature called University Pages.

School Students Can Now Be Part Of Linkedin

LinkedIn’s terms of service only allowed users above age of 18 to be part of their network till now. However, they have now updated it too make the platform available for 13 years and older, depending on country.

This is has been done so that students who are planning to enter certain college or university can connect and interact with students and alumni from those institutions and gain valuable insights in regards to their future career and education.

The Linked account for users below 18 years old is slightly different than regular users. The default settings for profile display and communication preferences will be different. Also there will be special routing for customer support tickets raised by these members.

While globally Linkedin is now open for users above age 13, there are some exceptions considering the local legal structure. Here are the exceptions for age in different countries.

  • 14 years old: United States, Canada, Germany, Spain, Australia and South Korea
  • 16 years old: Netherlands
  • 18 years old: China
  • 13 years old: All other countries

University Pages

The second feature announced by Linkedin – University Pages – is a logical extension for the platform which already has educational background as part of their member profiles.

San DIego University

University Pages are essentially a place where members or students can find more information on universities and colleges including campus updates, their notable alumnus, courses on offer, their culture etc.

University pages will really be a boon to students as they will get unbiased and authentic information on universities across the world at one single location. Not only that students will be able to interact or ask questions directly to faculty or alumni of the university.

This is a great move by Linkedin and something that will surely appeal to members, especially the younger ones wo plan on pursuing higher education the future.

Interestingly, we tried finding an Indian University page, but we did not come across any!

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