3.2 Mln New Mobile Subscribers Added In May, Rural Adds Thrice As Much As Urban India: TRAI


Growth of Mobile subscriptions in India is nearly saturated in Urban India, whereas Rural India numbers are now getting expanded. In last 6 month, Rural India has added more than double the subscribers as compared to urban India.

According to latest TRAI Telecom subscription data report, India added total of 3.18 million new mobile subscribers in month of May 2013, taking the total tally to 870.20 million.

This is also only the 2nd time since July 2012 that mobile subscribers have shown a positive growth – The numbers have actually been going down otherwise, atleast on paper.

Here is chart that depicts the growth of Mobile subscribers since March 2011. Click on the image to zoom

Mobile Subscriber Addition May13

The good part however is that active mobile subscriber base has been growing quite well. Here are some numbers that will help you understand.

In June 2012, total mobile subscriber base was 934.1 million, whereas active subscriber base was 695.82 million. Comparatively, in May 2013 total mobile subscriber base has fallen to 870.2 million, whereas active subscriber base has increased to 727.92 million. The percentage of active subscriber base in June 2012 was 74.5 percent compared to 83.65 percent in May 2013.

This means Telecom department of India has been successful in weeding out inactive mobile numbers from the system. See the chart below that will help you understand more.

Total Active Subscribers

Telecom Subscription Data Highlights [May 2013]

– With an increase of 3.18 million in May 2013, total mobile subscriber base has increased to  870.20 million. India had 867.02 million subscribers by end of April 2013.

– Urban India witnessed an increase of 0.16 percent or 0.83 mln subscribers, while rural mobile subscriber base grew by 0.68 percent or 2.34 mln.

– Urban Teledensity deceased to 139.32 from 139.33 in April, while the rural tele-density grew to 40.83 from previous 40.59.

– Urban mobile subscriber share stands at 59.99% as compared 40.01% of rural subscribers.

1.83 million new Mobile portability requests were made in month of May 2013, taking the total tally of MNP requests since launch to 93.56 mln.

– Active Mobile Subscriber base increased from 724.52 mln in March 2013 to 727.92 mln in May 2013 taking the active percentage to 83.65 percent.

–  Broadband Subscription increased to 15.13 mln from previous tally of 15.09 mln.

– Wireline Subscriber base fell to 29.85 mln in April 2013 as compared to previously 29.99 million.

– India’s total telecom subscriber base (wireless+wireline) has increased to 900.05 mln in May 2013, compared to 897.02 mln in April 2013.

Operator Wise Monthly Additions & Market Share [May 2013]

Operator Wise Monthly Additions May 2013

BSNL was the biggest looser of mobile subscribers in the month of May 2013, with reduction of close to 0.904 mln, while Reliance gained over 1.2 mln subscribers taking their tally to a total of 125.9 mln subscribers as of May 2013.

Bharti increased its market share to 21.79 percent and their total subscriber tally currently stands at 189.6 million.

Mobile Subscriber Numbers of Top 8 Mobile Operators [May 2013]

  1. Bharti Airtel – 189,649,322
  2. Vodafone – 154,686,843
  3. Reliance – 124,898,961
  4. Idea – 123,75,8712
  5. BSNL – 98,066,315
  6. Tata – 65,26,5214
  7. Aircel – 60,35,8016
  8. Unitech – 31,99,9931

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