Updated: Pakistani Hackers Hack Indian Eastern Railways Website!


Updated at end of post

We are just 2 days away from the Independence day and the Pakistani hackers seem to have gone on the overdrive. Official Website of Eastern Railways has been hacked by group of Pakistani hackers called Mindcracker.

Though the main homepage is intact, and also the links from the main homepage seems to be fine, they seem to have gained access to some part of the website. The hackers seem to have exploited a part of website that may have been vulnerable and have been able to deface it.

At the time of writing this piece, the hacked page is still showing up.

indian railways website

If you are curious enough, here is the link to the defaced page of eastern India railways website. If you find out about this before Indian railways does, you will be able to see it.

The defaced page says that this hack is in reply to the Pakistan Army website being hacked by Indians.

We will update this story with more info shortly!


Update: After doing some research we found that site may have been hacked earlier (in June or July), because this eastern railway website was defaced back in June and it is still live. We are not sure if Railways even know about this. Here is another defaced page which was live in June and still remains.

It is a shame that Indian Railways are not able to sort out this issue even after couple of months. This reflects really badly on them.

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  2. Ayush Gupta says

    Indian Cyber Army is ready too. Waiting for 14th and 15th August!

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