Android Nation: Google’s Offline Android Store In Partnership With Spice!


WoW! This is some news. Looks like Google wants to push Android’s already impressive growth even further in India. They are planning to setup offline brick and mortar stores through-out India in partnership with Spice Global. These chain of stores will be called “Android Nation” reports ET.

If the news is true, India will become second country after Indonesia to get these offline Android stores. Like in Indonesia, Android Nation is expected to be a promote Android devices and offer customers smartphones and tablets across different brands like Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Asus as well as Indian brands that have Android devices including Spice Coolpad devices.

Android Nation store offer customers complete Android experience, where they can understand and use Android first hand and understand its various offerings from the experts available at the store.


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Apart from offering various Android based devices, the store will also showcase various Android apps, help on software updates as well as latest accessories available to various devices.

From Spice Global’s perspective, it is a big achievement as their partnering directly with Google are sure to bring many benefits. Android Nation’s first store will open in New Delhi’s Select Citywalk according to report in ET.

While Indonesia has just 2 Android Nation stores, Spice plans to leverage some of its existing network of 900 Spice Hotspots across India. The report says that after opening up their first Android Nation store, Spice will be converting about 50 of their Spice Hotspots into Android Nation stores. It is also expected that Spice will venture out of India to open up stores in the Middle East, Malaysia, Thailand and Africa.

In a country like India where smartphone penetration is still below 10 percent mark, a store like Android Nation is sure to help being more awareness and understanding about Smartphones.

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