Weekly Wrap-up: Rediff’s Redesign, Google Glass, LLP Formation & more…


We are slightly late to post our wrap-up this morning, but better late than never. Here is a quick wrap-up of some of the buzzing posts published on trak.in last week.Trak.in weekly news wrap-up

You probably may have got a invite on Facebook or Twitter in regards to Rippln App Download. Here is a what you may encounter on the other side of Rippln App. Another Illegal MLM in making?

Rediff, One of India’s largest news portal has undergone yet another redesign and it looks like a cheap imitation of Pinterest’s tiled structure. This is shameful on Rediff’s part to blatantly copy the design #fail

If you are in the market for buying smartphones, this article is a must see for you. we have done the difficult job for you and scrounged the net to bring you the 5 best deals on the smartphones that are available online this week.

Working with a startup is not everyone’s cup of tea – The pays are generally much lesser, but the all round experience that they provide is priceless. Here are 6 Job Skills Which Every Indian Tech Startup Needs Right Now.

How many times has it happened that you have shared a status update on Social Media site about a big news without giving it much thought or without doing bit of research. That’s essentially what has turned Social Media into a Risky Business.

Sales figures for Luxury Car Sales in Quarter 1, 2013 were out last week and there seems to be lot of up and down on the Top Luxury Car maker in India. BMW who was leader in previous quarter has been thrown in third position, while Audi has come out on Top.

Fly mobiles has launched 4 new Android Smartphones, but very average products at that. In this cut-throat Indian smartphone market, much more has to be done by new entrants, if they need to succeed!

Chamath Palihapitiya, a Silicon Valley VC says that startups are not innovating and have lost focus. On the other hand, VC funding has, mostly, never been about revolutionary products, but always about incremental gains on a certain product which has already gained some kind of traction.

LLP or Limited Liability Partnership is relatively new form of company formation. It is especially great in a scenario where they need to have their liabilities limited to the business assets and not extended to personal assets.

So what do you think what will your living room look like few years down the line? Which gadgets will form a permanent base in your living room? Here are a few we think will always remain.

Here are 12 Baby Steps that every first time entrepreneur should take when entering the world of Entrepreneurship!

Samsung has announced launch of Galaxy Win, a quad core budget smartphone in competition to Micromax Canvas A116. Is it worth it? We think not… and here are the reasons for it.

Google Glass has been the talk of tech community over past couple of weeks, with Robert Scoble leading the Glass brigade. While Google Glass is definitely a revolutionary product, will it be the Segway?

Google I/O is now less than 10 days away and the mobile community is eager to know as to what Google has in store for them.. Nexus 5, Key Lime pie, Nexus 4 update, Chromebooks or something more?

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