Is Google Glass the next ‘Segway’? [Early Reviews]



Remember those wheels? Yeah, that’s the Segway, the product that was going to revolutionize personal transport forever. Well, it did not end too well for the Segway boss himself when he plunged into a cliff riding his own two-wheeled baby. Too sad.

Now, think of all the times you’ve seen someone roaming around with their Bluetooth Headsets on. Don’t lie to me. “What a dork!!” has been your reaction every time. Admit it.

This might just be the future for Google Glass. Yes, Dork Hell. Robert Scoble, the famous tech blogger said that, “’I will never live a day without them” and then he goes on all out to profess his love for the glasses.

But, then he did this which might destine the glasses for Nerdvana.


Although, I think I’m being too harsh on Robert. So, here. Read Scoble’s answer on Quora on the usefulness of Google Glass.

Early reviews suggest the following things that need to be fixed:

Design Woes

Probably, the biggest issue with the glass, right now and of course the premise of this post, is the loud and you-look-like-a-dork design of the glasses; exactly the same problem as the Bluetooth Headset.

Of course, Google is aware of this and is reportedly speaking to the folks at a trendy eyewear Startup Warby Parker to lend more elegance to the frame design. Hopefully, when the consumer version of the Google Glass comes out, the design is much more understated.

Battery needs more juice

Even Scoble, who is practically in love with them, lamented that the battery life is poor. Engadget estimates the battery life at 5 hours. Business Insider’s Kevin Smith says that the battery only lasts for 3 hours. ABC claims that the juice runs out after 3.5 hours. Now, you’re supposed to be wearing this thing on your face the whole day, so, 3-5 hrs just won’t cut it.

Display – A questionable High Definition?

Mostly everyone: “The display is just competent.”

Google: “It is like looking at a 25-inch high-definition screen from eight feet away.”

Engadget editor-in-chief Tim Stevens says:

The high-definition part is questionable — image and text detail could be better. That, along with the sometimes inaccurate, inconsistent colors means Glass “almost has the look of an old-school, passive-matrix LCD.”

With all the high-resolution Smartphone and tablets and even some of the notebooks and PCs, it makes no sense for a ‘cutting edge’ device to have ‘the look of an old-school, passive-matrix LCD.’

$1500 too much

Right now, the Explorer edition costs $1500 which, no surprises, everyone finds to be too steep a price. Robert Scoble suggests a $200 price tag as the sweet spot. But, anything around $500 should do.

Image Makeover

There are just too many pictures of dorks and geeks wearing Google Glass. Hell, there’s even “White Men Wearing Google Glass”, a Tumblr Web site, which pokes fun at people wearing the augmented reality glasses.

If Google wants to take this mainstream and make it cool, it’d do them good instead to have more of these pictures strewn around the internet.


All the dork talks aside, there is a clear consensus among the people that Google Glass is a revolutionary product. After all the shower pic outrage on Wired, Scoble wrote on his Facebook page;

Robert Scoble Google Glass

The comments are quite fun to read on the Wired article, though.”

True that. A great product will survive. But didn’t we say the same thing for the Segway?

  1. Abhash Kumar says

    Thanks Altaf!! No, they are not available in India yet.

  2. Altaf Rahman says

    Very nice article.
    Are these ‘Generation Next’ gadgets available in India now?

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