6 Job Skills Which Every Indian Tech Startup Needs Right Now


Before we reveal these crucial job skills, let me warn you: Startups can’t pay much. And precisely this is the reason they are start-ups!

But if you are aiming to get that perfect all-round experience of working under tight budget and even tighter deadlines, then a start-up is your best bet.

It is said that if you get an opportunity to work with a startup, you will never ever struggle in life; because the intensity of the efforts and excitement of the results will make you a tougher professional.

[box type=”success” ]If the startup is a success, you can end up being a very rich man and if it fails, you will have multi-million dollar experience which no MNC or big organization can provide.[/box]

And one final positive note, before we showcase those skills: Startups usually don’t look for credentials and qualifications while hiring; they seek knowledge; attitude and willingness to learn.

Startup Jobs



When we speak of tech startups, we usually focus on the ‘technology’ part of the whole project. But we tend to forget that for a user, it is the interface which is the product.

User experience or UX is now one of the most important ingredients of a tech specific product. If you know that you can design really well, and visualize the whole project even in your dreams, then go for it. The world is waiting for you!


Ofcourse we need programmers and coders and developers; without whom the whole tech startup may fail to even kickoff.

Some technologies which are steaming hot right now includes Ruby on Rails and mobile programming. But a solid grasp on OOPS fundamentals and more importantly, the logic of things is what which is in high demand.

Growth Hackers

Growth hacking is the buzz word of startups these days. A growth hacker is essentially a marketer who has a control over SEO, PR (public relations) and other avenues of marketing.

Growth hacking often involves looking at the codes and understanding its importance. It may also include scraping websites to get that hidden data for targeting a set of customers. Analytics and product design concepts too are essential for a growth hacker.

Social Media

Seth Godin tells that there is no business like show business and every business is a show business in today’s connected economy. If your business doesn’t have a dedicated social media resource, then you are missing a lot on this frontier.

The way customer service and social media has integrated today, is really amazing. We have already tracked, how Indian eCommerce giants are using social media to offer better and faster solutions for their customers; and the trend will only increase with time.

A dedicated social media presence will mean better branding, and more awareness; which is a must for a successful startup.

Data Science Engineering

You must have heard the buzz around the word, “Big Data”. Data Science engineering is all about managing and optimizing the data which is generated while running a startup: traffic stats, pattern recognition, uncertainty modeling, data warehousing, cloud computing and lot more.

If you are comfortable playing with databases and optimizing the results from these big big data sources, then this is your playground of competence.

Enterprise Sales

Not just sales, but enterprise sales is what startups are looking for. In the US, enterprise sales managers are making more than $200,000 per year, without any job commitment and the reason for this is that this breed is rare in today’s economy.

Enterprise sales guy should be able to sell the product; and sell it fast. Product knowledge should be deep and the ability to make the sale is highly desired. Even commission based sales jobs are up for grabs in India. If you can sell a product, then a startup experience can be your dreams come true story.

Is there any other job skill which an Indian tech startup desperately needs right now? Or do you have any special skill which can be beneficial for a startup?

Would love to hear your views.

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  1. Suren Sisodiya says

    I love this one :

    If the startup is a success, you can end up being a very rich man and if it fails, you will have multi-million dollar experience which no MNC or big organization can provide.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      @suren – Yes…that was an excellent line by Mohul – It is now highlighted :)

      1. Mohul says

        Wow! Thanks for the highlight :)

    2. Mohul says

      Thanks Suren!

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