Rippln – Another Illegal MLM in the Making?


The Facebook news feed is full of Rippln membership invites. It goes like this –

“Give me your valid email id, full name, contact number and I will see you on the other side of this excellent Rippln app”.

The other side? Okay, let’s do this.

[box type=”shadow” ]Disclaimer: I have nothing against Rippln personally and neither I am out to defame the owners or the staff. I am just asking few pertinent questions, which you should too if you have to spend time in building a passive income stream. Not all MLM models are bad. Network marketing does exist and it is legit.[/box]

The question here: Is Rippln legit?

What is Rippln?

Rippln Inner CIrcle

Rippln is an application that is designed to push the limits of creativity. It is all about empowering your social media influence, getting people to join in your circle of network and then earn from it.

The makers also emphasize that the whole process is transparent, unlike other social networks – this is their claim, not mine! Mind this point. I will come back to the whole concept of transparency later on.

All you have to do is download their “free” app, share it with others and get people to join under you, that is, create a down line and earn a lot of money.

Seems legit, right?

What is Rippln, Actually?

Rippln is another example of a classic MLM revenue model. One of the most popular MLM systems running in India is Amway. If you know about Amway, you will understand Rippln. I mean REALLY understand!


Here’s how the Rippln system works.

  • You download their “free” app & become a “fan”.
  • You get 5 people to sign up under you, get a $20 bonus & become a “player”.
  • You have to help these 5 people to further get 5 people each and when they do, they get $20 and you get $20. You are now their “team captain”.
  • Keep creating “players” and you become a “coach”. As coach, you get $80 for “domestic players” and $240 for “global players” as coaching bonus or fees.
  • Keep doing these steps and you become a millionaire.

WOW! Isn’t this the best money spinner?

Hold on, not so soon buddy!

Remember transparency. The whole thing is just going to get murkier.

Huge List of Rippln Problems

There is just not one but a lot of problems with their business model. If you want to sign up with them, read this first and then decide.

Lack of Authentic Address

When you want to start a business on a global scale, you need to have a real address. Rippln location turns out as complete fake.

The address I see in their newsletter is this: 901 Sam Rayburn Hwy, Melissa, TX, 75454

Search it online and it leads you to a Fire Department in Texas. OMG! They should sue Rippln!

Search it further and it will lead you to the TOC page of AC II DNA Repair website. See point 11 in this link. You will see the same address.

So, what is this? What is the General Council? Are both Rippln and AC II run by the same people? Remember that the address is also of a Fire Department.

This is a significant problem.

If they are legit, they shouldn’t lie about their real location.

No Data Privacy

When you sign up, you have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) which leaves a lot to be desired in terms of data privacy. Here is their NDA.

When you sign up, you are giving them your:

  1. Real Name
  2. Real Email Id
  3. Real Phone Number

To me, this means they get to create a HUGE list of database and THEY CAN DO ANYTHING WITH IT. They can sell it and earn millions while you get to have an awesome mobile app!

WOW. This is the mother of all business ideas.

Are you ready to be so careless with your details?

Oh, wait. Another thing – they believe that since they are in the pre-launch stage, there is no need to publish a Privacy Policy and Terms of Service page. Yeah, right!

Further, when I signed up to check out Rippln, I got two members to sign up and when I went to the dashboard, I find that I CANNOT VIEW MY DOWNLINE DETAILS.

See the Screenshot below


You do all the hard work and you don’t even get member details. Only Rippln can access details.

No Option to Delete

This is a major problem.

You become a bonded labor once you sign up.

If you want to quit, you cannot. There are no options to deactivate or close the account.

Seeing a spate of negative reviews coming about, they have said that if you want to deactivate account, just send an email to [email protected]. Note this – the email is not given on the account dashboard. We had to contact them to get it.

Is this transparency? Not at all!

Even if they delete your account –

  • What happens to all the data? Poof! They are gone.
  • Who loses? YOU.

Well, you do get something. You get a round of applause for being a nitwit. Congrats!

By the way, their website contact page is blank as well. See the screenshot.


What’s stealth mode? They cannot remain in stealth mode when people are raising a lot of questions. If they are so transparent, they should come forward and clarify things.

Previously Ran Illegal MLM Models

Burn Lounge was an illegal pyramid model started in 2004. It was shut down by US FTC because they had engaged in deceptive acts or practices in violation of Section 5(a) of the FTC Act, 15 U.S.C. § 45(a). You can read about the case details here.

Brian Underwood, one of the founders of Rippln is alleged to have been associated with Burn Lounge. Check out this Wiki page on the company.

In India also we have host of such cases – some of the recent being Speak Asia Online and Swadeshi Marketing

Payment Model is Unconvincing

Are you kidding me?

You will give me $20 get sign up 5 people and $240 coaching bonus to coach players.

Use your brain people. Let’s not give Einstein so much shame about our intelligence.

THINK this way –

  • You download a FREE app.
  • You build a down line.
  • You earn.

There are two more things:

  • Either they have loads of illegal money they wish to pump into their system.
  • Or you download a FREE app but if you want to earn, you have to BUY from their system.

Where is the money coming from?

Second option is more probable. This is how the money rotates in any MLM system. You spend $100, you earn $10 and YES, you are rich. Isn’t that super amazing?

Bullshit! It’s just a pile of hogwash.


No App Yet, Claiming to be Viral

This is a classic ROFL moment.

Their app will release in May end but they are already claiming that it is going to be viral and wait, it’s better than Facebook.

Their exact words: “In the next 60 days, a new viral app is going to release….” How come it’s viral even before release?

They are even calling it the biggest breakthrough since email. How?

They need to take a deeper look into a lot of their claims.


For a company that claims to bring about social media revolution in terms of creativity and transparency, there are not transparent at all.

There are more questions. I have just scratched the tip of the iceberg.

The online world is very vulnerable. You have to be sure to whom and how you are sharing data.

Is Rippln a scam? I leave it to you to decide but do share with us in the comments.

I will tell you the same thing I tell all my readers, RESEARCH before committing yourself, MORE RESEARCH if it’s Internet based.

Personally, I am going to stay away from Rippln.

  1. Anurag says

    Hi Chitra,
    thanks for the review…i dumbly and blindly enrolled into this….never used, my concern is they are not gonna charge me for opting out or something right….actually to be true i dont even login into this. but i get all this mail from these guys….and i got irate and logged in to it to delete my account…but no where its seen….then i google regarding this….and it then i go thru ur blog.

    now i feel dumbstuck with this whole scene.

  2. Dilip Kumar says

    Nice Review Chitra, Just wondering I could hear a review from your perspective on another company named “Corporate Infocom Pvt . Ltd.” which has MLM structure and I guess is illegal but still they are doing it from quite a few years.

  3. Anon says

    Great article, lots of great points.

    I agree 100% this is indeed a scam and an obvious one of that.

  4. Alex says

    The funnier thing is look at all you people that don’t even do your research on the writer. Give me a break, its not even a company yet. Its in BETA, DO YOUR HOMEWORK GO TO THE SITE AND WAKE UP PEOPLE.

    1. Alex says

      All these Comp Plans online that YOU THINK YOU HAVE INFO ON is all HERE SAY. THe COMP plan is not even finalized in the least. THE COMPANY IS IN BETA FOLKS. GET A LIFE!

      1. Chitraparna says

        LOL…if the compensation plan is not finalized, they shouldn’t have publicized it yet. Just imagine, now its $20 for 5 invites, later it could be $10 for 5 invites…who knows?

        Maybe you would know if you are their paid staff member. If you know, enlighten us so if its really legit, we all can sign up there through your invitation :)

    2. Chitraparna says

      Researching on me won’t give the readers a dime so let’s not get them waste their time. It would do them better to research the Rippln network.

      Here you are defending them, at least have some basis. How moronic it is that someone floats a company (which is still in Beta) and the company address turns out to be a fake? Beta or not, if they are mentioning an address in their newsletters and agreements, it should be legit.

      Forget what I said, Google Rippln review by Chris Voss. He shows you the area when Rippln is supposedly based.

  5. Brent says

    A pyramid scheme is a non-sustainable business model that involves promising participants payment or services, primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than supplying any real investment or sale of products or services to the public Walk… no RUN AWAY from this scam

  6. Altaf Rahman says

    If only people know the thumb rule ” In this commercial world nothing is for free” or even “nothing is easy”.
    Before going in for it, ppl should think for one minute. What am I doing that gets me 20 bucks?

    Never go for offers which ask you for adding members for money.
    Never go with NBFCs which promise to triple money in 90 days.
    Never go to a shop which says 50% or more off.
    Never invest in a business about which you dont even have basic idea just coz some half wit friend recommended or even invested.

    What you will loose? At the most, a 1000 you could have made had you invested, but the probability of such thing happening is rare. Example : Those who invested in Dhirubai Ambani in 70s are now millionaires.
    But how many such instances can you quote in the last 40 years. May be a few dozens. Not more.

    Even to think about such schemes is wasting your time (and time is money).

    Just my two paisa :)

  7. Fabio Moro says

    I found this review interesting because it seems to suggest a lack of understanding of the business model. Rippln is a hybrid model put together by some of the best minds in the internet marketing industry, such as Russell Brunson. It may not be for everyone, but I have found them to be very transparent.

    Once a person signs up (nothing to pay simply to sign up) the person can read an FAQ section to get more information. If a person is worried about spam, then use a disposable email, you can always change it later should you decide to do the business.

    If a person believes that MLM is a get rich quick scheme, then that person does not understand MLM. MLM is hard work and takes time and effort to build like all businesses. Those who enter with the expectation that they will get rich quick are doomed to fail. Then then blame MLM, but, in fact, it ws their own initial mindset that predicted failure.

    1. Chitraparna says

      Hi Fabio, I do agree with your viewpoint. As I said in the disclaimer, MLM is basically network marketing and even bloggers engage in network marketing. It is legit. The problem is with the people or businesses using the network marketing model.

      For me, Rippln is not transparent at the moment. They may become more transparent in future but they shouldn’t have ignored this phase at all. They are in pre-launch and okay, any kind of publicity is good publicity, maybe, but they should have been more forthcoming about their business model. I read somewhere that you have to spend $300 to become a coach. I don’t know whether its true or not but it is evident that somewhere in the upline or downline, someone has to buy something. There’s nothing wrong with buying. They should mention this in the presentation, that way it would be transparent.

      ~ Chitra

      1. Alex says

        Chitra, You honestly have no idea about business. Seriously , Transparency??? It’s not even a company yet. Not a single dime has been exchanged. For God sakes, what is wrong with you. If you have 300,000 subscribers to your blog in 2 weeks because you had a revolutionary concept you wanted to share with people and ask them to join your list to be 1st in line to hear how its going to work. SHOULD WE ALL GO OUT THERE AND CALL YOU A SCAM OR DECEPTIVE? How moronic would that be??

        1. Chitraparna says

          Nothing is wrong with me Alex but you apparently didn’t read the review or you are yourself part of Rippln network out for defending. I have no issue with your defence but its completely half-baked.

          1. Its not wrong to ask people to join your list if you have a revolutionary concept and you want to share;


          2. It is definitely wrong to make false claims like (1) its a VIRAL app (how come? ) (2) it will change email (again, how). They should have been more careful before posting such claims.

          3. I never said its a scam. I merely said it could become if they are not careful.

  8. karthik says

    well recently even i got invited to rippln but after this review it is just a bull shit that they are promoting to earn a quick money……

    Very Good Review indeed and i guess from now this post should also be shared on all the facebook status’s……

    Thank You For This.

    1. Chitraparna says

      Thank you Kartik. Let’s all do our bit and share it on social networks. What say?

  9. Harleena Singh says

    Hi Chitraparna – nice to see you here:)

    Well, honestly speaking – I’ve just about heard a few friends talk about Rippln but never really checked out these details. And that’s because I really keep away from such MLM’s and fast money making schemes.

    Whether they really work for people or not, I wonder as I’ve not really met anyone who has benefited from it, though the Internet is full of such scam success stories that you really can’t make out of they are really true or not. I would never go in for these even if I knew someone earned from them. Giving your details is one problem, and keeping track of your down line is also a time consuming task. Those who have the time for carrying it forward should ideally join it, or else it doesn’t work for people like you and me who have other things to take care – that’s my personal feeling and I might be wrong.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead :)

    1. Chitraparna says

      Nice to see you here Harleena.

      Last year, I joined Amway, the most popular MLM model in India I think. First it was all good. I just paid 1000/- as joining fees. Then the upline started pressuring me to buy products. Why? Because i will get points. I even attended one of their bi-yearly conferences. The hall was packed and the program was all about “earning” members boasting their earning.

      My immediate upline was in this for 4 years almost and they were not even earning a decent 10,000/- per month. Then you are also “motivated” to buy their CDs and books. All wastage of time and money.

      I don’t know how Rippln will turn out but at the moment, its not that promising as others are saying.

      ~ Chitra

  10. Plaban says

    This article is a real eye opener. A few days ago everyone was spamming social networking sites with Rippln invites. No one has a clear idea about the site but they are adding people to Rippln to earn some quick money. I’m glad that I’ve not joined Rippln.

    1. Chitraparna says

      That’s the main issue Plaban.

      No one has clear idea but they are still joining. Secondly, Rippln boasts of their transparency and they are not transparent at all.

  11. Albert says

    Thanks for letting us know about this fraud company @Chitraparna. I never trusted MLM companies (even Amway).

    Here is my analysis:

    — This Website is hosting Shared Hosting environment (bluehost). That means, There are 79500 websites hosted in the same IP Address, and it is cheap hosting. (Look at the favicon… It is Bluehost favicon)
    — All of their Social Media Icons are not working…
    I’m damn sure it is 100% FAKE.

    It is better to share this news very fast in Social Media.

    1. Chitraparna says

      Relevant points Albert.

      I didn’t check out their hosting. For a company who’s getting thousands of members everyday, I wonder how they are going to run on shared server. Are they out of money so soon? LOL

      Please do share the review with you social network. We can help spread it and save other unsuspecting people.

      ~ Chitra

  12. Kashif Minhaj says

    Yeah, they are creating a huge list of emails and phone numbers. And they are not ready to reveal anything. You can clearly tell that it’s a scam.

    And I loved your writing style. Thanks.

    1. Chitraparna says

      A big thanks to you for taking the time to read it.

      After this review went live, some contacted me and “ordered” to remove this article as it was spoiling their business!!!! Hahaha :)

  13. Shubham Rajdhar says

    This is exactly what I wanted to see. I truely feel that its gonna be a scam. Everyday I see people giving me a link and saying, bro, register here, I will get 1$ for it. And I literally say him “Are tuze Ch**ya banaya usne”. Sorry for my language, but thats fact..Rippln seems to be the same kind of thing. Nice review by Chitra. Keep us updated!

    1. Chitraparna says

      OMG! Did you really mean $1?

      It means bloggers have already started to become its affiliate and selling each account for $1…LOL…This is India, our great India :)

      1. Shubham Rajdhar says

        Actually not about Rippln thingy, but Yeah, some of my friends who are just normal students and they want some easy way to earn and somehow they see some link on facebook like D**pPr**t website, they register and immediately earn 10$, then they see that they will be given 1$ for each click on their affiliate link of the site. And finally when they earn 50$ and go to payout page, they have to complete a survey and that survey is never completed (you know what I am talking about).
        Thats how they end up knowing that there is no thing quick money (except drugs and all that ;) )
        Actually the bloggers who are experienced a bit by staying on the internet all the time, they at least have some idea about online scams or how things work online ,but normal people are still being targeted, which is kinda sad.

  14. Mihir Naik says

    Awesome Review Chitra..!

    Let’s see what happens!

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