PC is dying- I don’t feel like writing an obituary as yet though!


Everywhere one turns, there is a prediction that the PC is dying. It looks so grim that sometimes I look at my laptop like it is already a relic.

Remember the desktop; I have not had one since last 6 years. There are as many laptops in my house as there are people and as many smartphones as well. The difference is that all laptops are before the first smartphone.

Yes, it feels like PC might be aging, but dying is something I do not see in any future. There are several reasons for that

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1. Content Creation will always need a PC

As much as we love our beloved internet and watching videos and reading articles on our phones or tablets, the thought of creating them on the same is just plain painful. I have tried writing on a phone and a tablet both and I would any day prefer a laptop with a sweet big keyboard. Now while it may seem that people who are creating content are a small number but with user generated content increasing everyday (what with youtube videos getting made every second) it is not going to be a small number.

2. Businesses rule the direction

Companies are slow and lethargic when they are fast. Believe me, tech companies are the fastest adopters of the latest technology (duh!) and they too have yet not shifted to Windows 8. Some are still on Windows Vista or even XP. Imagine companies that are even more casual. Most are fervently running WinXP. They will not leave PC anytime soon.

Making presentations or data sheets is no fun on a small screen. Besides, the phones and tablets have yet not achieved the processing power to crunch data is such high amount as much required in a company.

3. Gaming

While I love consoles, I feel that PCs are in a better position to win that battle. It is not just because they are superior but because they can do a lot more other stuff. A Rs. 20,000 PC can do more stuff than a Rs. 20,000 console. It will not play games as good as a console though. But put in Rs. 30,000 and Steam and suddenly it seems foolish to buy a console. Mind you, both need a TV anyways. A Rs. 40,000 laptop removes that need as well.

Past teaches us

Radio did not die when TV came and TV did not budge when PCs came. No one thought that FM-radio could be popular ever, but it is now. TV is still an integral part of house hold.

These things teach us only one thing and that is technology co-exists if its need doesn’t die out. And with so many content consumption devices roaming around the need of a PC is even more than before.

With so many ideas floating around of PC dying because of mobile coming of age and the sales of PC dropping it seems like we are all not seeing the big picture. There are two kinds of active industries – One is the one that is saturated and the other is in the blowing up phase. PCs have saturated. Everyone who wanted has a PC. The newer ones bought are either replacements or by young people buying there firsts. Mobile on the other hand need to be replaced often and with so many people still holding feature phones the growth will be there.

Tablets too though seem to be an attractive object to remove PC from its pedestal, the truth is: it just doesn’t have the raw power of a PC. And with the battery issue always looming, it will not be solved in the near future.

Would love to hear your views on this!

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