My Wishlist for Future Google Nexus Phones!


Nexus is a great idea from Google. It gave people the iPhone-esque experience for Android. The idea was to have a stock Android experience with best value for money and Nexus till now has been pivotal in this regard.

Of course, it has not won any race going on between the high end devices these days but that is mostly because it is not part of one. The Nexus device is rarely with the highest processing power or biggest screen. The device though has something that makes even the least of the geeks drool- The latest OS in the market.

This is something that the companies have struggled to provide and this is something that holds the draw to the Nexus.

There is always scope for improvement though and more importantly, Nexus can move the Android phones in a particular direction by taking bold steps. Here are some of my suggestions on this:

Nexus 5

Stop the screen madness

Every phone and every company is focused on increasing the screen size. This cannot go on forever though and Nexus seems the correct phone to stop it.

Let the next Nexus have the same screen as the last. Or maybe increase it to 5” and stop there. No more increase in the screen size until the screen type is changed in the future (bendable or something akin to that).

Water and Dust Resistant

All Nexus subsequent from here should be Water and Dust resistant by default. Xperia Z has opened a new dimension and I must say I am highly impressed by them for taking the initiative.

Realizing that no one wants their Rs. 30,000 phone to die just because of splash of water is quite basic and in my opinion incorporated in all high end phones.

Xperia Z has started it but Nexus can take it to the next level. By committing to making all future phones as such, they can give a push to other companies as well.


It is time Nexus goes Global!

The companies that make the device are in all the countries, be it HTC, Samsung or LG. Google needs to put its foot down and increase its phone’s availability to the growing nations like India as well.

In these countries, Nexus will see remarkable growth owing to its always-the-latest OS approach and of course, the less-than-the-highest price tag.

Promote Rooting

Nexus has always been friendlier to modders than any other phone. While, I have no hope or expectations from other companies to change their stance; if only Google could ensure that the warranty won’t be voided when Nexus is rooted or bootloader is unlocked or even the phone is bricked, it would pave a new path.

Of course, not all of my wishes are only up to Google. Companies might resist them but I still feel Nexus will become just like other phones unless some radical changes and commitments are made by Google.

What would you want from future Nexus Devices?

  1. Kunal Prakash says

    @ksavai: While rooting a nexus is easy it would still void the warranty. My wish is Google could change that. How good it would be that i could play with my phone without worrying about that. It would promote modding among the newbies.

    I agree with you on the battery issue as well. We do not want to be in a situation where a phone needs to be charged everyday.

  2. ksavai says

    Rooting – Google came out with Nexus phone for app developers. They made it cheap just because there will be lots of developers for its apps. They don’t want developer for ROM that is why its locked in that way but saying that Nexus is easiest to root and unlock so I don’t think anyone will care about that point.

    Screen size – They maintained their screen size for galaxy nexus to nexus4 so I think they left that race (hopefully)

    Availability – Bingo. Everyone wants nexus. Lets hope for good news in IO conf. They got movies and books hopefully hardware store to follow soon.

    Other I want is to stop processor madness and go for better Battery. I would prefer dual core with double battery rather than quad core with half the battery.

  3. Kunal Prakash says

    Hey Varun,

    That is my point as well. No ‘hardware’ company will ever agree to this but Google can do this with Nexus as it is not a hardware company phone despite them making it. Google dictates the terms (most of them anyways) including design and experience.

    As for availability of Nexus 4, I do not think it is going to be anytime soon. I feel that Nexus 7’s old stock is being shipped in India to make way for new Nexus 7. So, unless Google has a bigger stock of Nexus 4, it is not going to come to India anytime soon.
    And if it does come, it won’t be with the same price tag.

    Hence my wish for Google to make it more global. :)

  4. Varun says

    Nice wishlists but one that rooting point i’m a bit disagree. no company want their users to use other ROMs rather than their original stock ROM. (i hope you got my point) and one question do you know any news about when the Nexus 4 will get in India and for what price.

    1. ksavai says

      Few local store in mumbai selling for 24.5k (obviously no warranty) In that price great phone.

      1. Kunal Prakash says

        Even Arun got it from US in under 24k from US! You can see the article on this blog how he got it. The warranty issue remains though.

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