Updated:Snapdeal starts offering International Magazines on its Catalogue!



Updated: April 5th, 2013 1:15pm. 

We checked the Snapdeal magazine catalogue and it seems that they have removed over half of the 2487 magazines and dailies they had previously listed. Currently it shows up 1123 magazines and the highest priced magazine subscription is just shy of Rs. 6000.


Snapdeal today announced launch of International Magazines on their catalogue. In a mailer sent to their registered users Snapdeal today announced presence of nearly 2500 magazines across different categories.

snapdeal magazines

It is interesting that Snapdeal has expanded into Magazines category, especially because the market for International magazine subscription is quite miniscule in India. Even Flipkart, who have the largest market share for selling books online have not ventured into it as yet.

Infibeam is another e-commerce portal that offer international magazines on their catalogue, however, their offerings are quite limited compared to what Snapdeal is offering.

One thing that took me by surprise was Snapdeal’s listing of dailies along with magazines. International dailies like The Scotsman, Strait Times (Singapore edition), Irish Times, Moscow Times among others are being offered on subscription to Indian users. And, the surprising factor is that they will be delivering a daily 6-8 weeks after it has been released. Now, this does not make any sense to me.

Why would any one want to read a newspaper that is 6-8 weeks old and that too at a ridiculous cost. For example, The Scotsman Daily has been listed for a yearly subscription of Rs. 3,12,573/-. The other dailies are also in similar range, mostly above 2 lakh rupees for yearly subscription.

International dailies

Why not just subscribe to their online editions…

[box type=”note” align=”aligncenter” class=”note” width=”580″ ]I made a small comparisons between some magazines that were listed on Infibeam and Snapdeal. While the former was offering yearly subscription for around Rs. 1000/-, Snapdeal offered same magazine for Rs. 2400/-. Infact, there are no magazines listed on Snapdeal for less than Rs. 2,400![/box]

As far as the logistics go, all these international magazines will come to subscribers atleast 1 month from the time they are actually out in the market (And for 1st magazine after order, it will take about 2 months). This is because Snapdeal does not store them – Once the order is received they will place the order with the publication, who will ship it to Snapdeal and then they will in turn ship it to buyer (or probably publication may directly ship it to buyer)

To be honest, I am quite perplexed with Snapdeal’s Magazine launch – For me it just does not make any sense.

If you can make any sense out of it, I would like to know!

Update: The mailer sent to us did not specifically mention 2500 magazines, however, when we checked there were 2487 magazines listed on Snapdeal. We have struck 2500 number off in first line as the sentence may imply Snapdeal’s  mailer quoted 2500 magazines.

  1. Mohul says

    I guess these listings are mainly for corporate orders and for expats working in MNCs.. I agree,the cost and the delivery time is really ridiculous!

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