April Fool’s Day: 6 Pranks Played on Online Users!


Today, (April 1st)is celebrated around the world as April Fools Day. It is a day when people play pranks on others and well, make a fool of them. Hoaxes and rumours are floated all day along with good intentions  If we dig up the history, we may not find much ‘official’ facts regarding the origin of this day. However, historians often point out Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales as one of the first instances where April 1st was related with foolishness and fun.

So, how did the world celebrate April 1st this year? Here are few interesting pranks and rumours which people found amusing and hilarious:

Google Nose:

Google Nose

Google never misses the action. Every year, they come up with some interesting pranks to fool its users. This year, they started off with announcing a brand new search engine called Google Nose, which can empower you to search things by smelling them. As per the official page of Google Nose, ‘mobile aroma database’ reportedly merges “photons with infrasound waves that temporarily aligns molecules to emit a particular scent’. Bravo!

Youtube Shutting Down

This one really chocked me for a second. In the official Youtube blog, it was announced that Youtube is officially closing down at midnight. It took me some time to realize that it was April Fool’s Day prank.

They told us that “Nearly eight years later, with 72 hours of video being uploaded every minute, we finally have enough content to close the competition.” Thankfully, it was just a hoax.

Twitter Twttr

In a smart move, Twitter announced via their blog that a new service would be launched called Twttr which would not accept any vowels in their tweets. This meant that the very famous Obama tweet would look something like this:


In the end, they wished us Hppy Aprl Fl’s Dy !

Guardian Goggles for Augmented Reality

The Guardian from UK stumped its readers with the announcement of the launch of a augmented reality goggles. As per the official announcement, this ground breaking invention “will beam its journalism directly into the wearer’s visual field, enabling users to see the world through the Guardian’s eyes at all times”.

Gaurdian Goggles

Intelligently called “The Guardian Goggles”, the wearer of this optical device will be able to get all the reviews, feedback and comments related to any movie, restaurant or hotel just by watching it. This is what happens when science fiction meets April Fool’s Day.

BBC Radio’s Barcode enabled Trains:

Not to be left behind, BBC Radio announced that from now on, the train numbers on the trains would be replaced by a bar-code. Hence, whenever transporters or passengers need information about a particular train, all they need to do is scan the bar code via their smartphone and get all the information. The barcodes would be especially elongated so that passengers and transporters can get the information even while the train in on the move.

Firebox Selling Iron Man Suit

Firebox surprised everyone with their announcement of a full fledged Iron Man suit which they are selling for £250,000. They claimed that it was a fully powered version of Iron Man, which combined existing military technologies with highly ‘experimental’ features and options.

iron man suite

Although being a family-friendly version, it didn’t come up with arms and ammunition but they assured that “flight abilities and integrated sensory systems are still fully operational”.

Any other interesting April Fool’s day prank you read or saw? How did you celebrate April Fool’s Day? Now come on, don’t feel shy to share it here!

  1. Mathew Joy Maniyamkott says

    hey, you guys missed out on Flipkart’s Delivery of Cash prank. the details are here


    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Aha… yes.. The Flipkart one should have made the list… It was a good one.. probably one of the few from Indian companies :)

  2. Jagan T says

    Very nice trys. :)

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