Google Nexus 7 launches in India at Rs. 16k, Nexus 4 Next?


Google has launched its popular Google Nexus 7 tablet in India priced at Rs. 15,999/-. If you got to Google Play’s Nexus 7 page – This is how you will be greeted.

Google Nexus 7 India

Google Nexus 7 is probably one of the most awaited tablets in India since it launched in US more than 6 months back, partly due to the specifications it boasts and the competitive price tag that it.

Though relatively cheaper than the tablets in the same specification range, it is interesting to see that Google has priced it much higher than what it costs in the US – For 16GB model it is USD 199, while the 32 GB model is priced at USD 249. IN rupee terms that price works out to Rs. 10,700 and Rs. 13,700 respectively.

While the 32 GB version is not available in India, 16GB model is priced nearly Rs. 5000 higher in India.

Google devices tend to change market pricing dynamics, more so in a country like India where people are extremely price conscious. With Nexus 7 launch many big brand name tablets will definitely need to restructure their pricing. Google offers great specs, great pricing along with great brand name as well. I am not sure that any other tablet however good can now sell over Google Nexus’ 7’s price.

If you place an order with Google Nexus 7 now, they will start shipping by April 5th. So, if you have been waiting for this tablet, go ahead and order one now

One thing that everyone will want to keenly know is – Whether and how soon will Google will launch its Nexus 4 phone in India. It is probably the most sought after phone right. Take a look at this exhaustive guide which shows you at what lengths I went to acquire Google Nexus 4 in India. Looking at the comments you will also the kind of popularity it enjoys!

But keep in mind, the pricing of Google Nexus 4 will probably be still around Rs. 22,000 or more if one keeps Google Nexus 7 as a yardstick!

  1. Tej says

    Eric Emerson Schmidt please come again to India soon and thanks for N7 launch….Google rocks. By the way I am Tej the Mhd.Ghazni who is making numerous attempts on US google play store via VPN to secure N4 after continous cancellation of orders.

    I think today time has come for me to reveal how I turned into Mhd.Ghazni. It all started with my N7 32GB Wifi which is roughly 45 days old which was gifted to me from US. I fell in love at first sight. It is a real awesome device with mindblowing hardware specs. Gaming on it is worth to experience (right now playing Real Racing 3 from EA). Moreover it comes with Android JB and you will be the first to receive any future updates. I had no accessories available here when I got it so ordered them from ebay @ Rs. 1500/- which included 7 in 1 package viz. Wake up/sleep cover,stylus pen,earphone,car charger,fish bone, screen guard and spare ear plugs (1 pair).

    All I missed in it was to insert my sim and make a call. Though that is also available in the later N7 devices I want to have N4, for it being a smaller device which easily fits into pocket. From then on my zeal to have it has grown exponentially with time and I have been failing to successfully order it.

    My personal suggestion….go for Nexus 7 and you will relish every rupee spent on it. However, you may get cramped on the storage space because of 16GB. One thing I noticed is Whatsapp is not supported on it. And comming to the pricing I think Rs.15,999/- is value for money deal considering the google India warranty and service. It is priced on a higher side if compared with the US price but Google India too imports it so it has to factor in the import duties, forex fluctuations and most important thing profit margin.

    It is important to note that apple on one side is relying on its distributor netowrk (redington, ingram, etc.) for sales in India where as google is relying on no distributor network model and sells the devices directly through virtual store. It can be clearly inferred that google devices will be much cheaper and cost effective when it releases its portfolio of devices in India than apple.

    If any of you have any doubts on N7 feel free to ask me, I will try my best to resolve them.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      @Tej – Yes, 15,999 is a good price if you compare with other similar speced tablets in India market… However, as for me, I am extremely disappointed at the price. I would have like Nexus 7 to be priced in 13 – 13.5k range.
      Simple reason is this – If I import it the way I have mentioned it in the Nexus 4 article, it would cost be about 14k delivered at door cost including duties and everything else.

      Google should have kept it in that range only. I will as well order it through US.

      Also, about the warranty, if I have a Google Nexus 7 bought from US, do you think they will turn down the warranty requests here in India.. I doubt?

  2. Raghavendra Kopalle says

    The Asus MeMo Pad popped up recently on eBay for about 10k. The Nexus 7 which is manufactured by Asus sports an IPS display, rest of the specs are common with MeMo Pad. Is that worth 6k variation in price? Up to us to decide :)

  3. Vignat Vora says

    Agree. Hassle-free process is the key thing , for which the users may pay Rs.1000-1500 extra.

  4. Sundeep says

    I think buying a tablet in India without cellular connection is not worth the money because of the wifi hotspots being far and few.

  5. Sundeep says

    Any timelines for the cellular version to be available?

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      No… and from what I can say, it will not be anytime soon. I think 16GB was launched in India, because in US, mostly the 32 GB is getting sold, and they may have an extra inventory which needs to be taken out… (That is my guess) otherwise under normal circumstances, they would have have launched 32 GB as well in India.

  6. Vignat Vora says

    Not sure about the exact duties and all that , but from rough calculation for customs duty and shipping for Nexus 7 16 GB WiFi only version I found that it costs around Rs.16100 , if imported from USA. However , in India we get it for Rs.15999 , with warranty.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Ok…So I did a rough calculation on how much it would cost if I bought USD 199 16GB version of Nexus 7 instead of buying from India.. It would cost roughly Rs. 14,700 as per my calculation…

      So actually buying from US is actually a cheaper option rather than buying directly in India (Yes, you will have to go through all this hassle obviously

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