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It is great to see Indian Government increasingly using technology to reach out to masses. In recent times many Government bodies have launched various different online initiatives on internet and Social Media. Indian Finance Minister Mr. P. Chidambaram recently came on Google Hangout to interact and answer queries of common man. Similarly  senior Indian Policy makers used same channel to discuss the key ideas on 12th Five Year Plan.

Now, the National Innovation Council and the Planning Commission have come together to organize first ever Hackathon on the 12th Five Year Plan (2012-17) on 6th – 7th April 2013. The Hackathon will invite citizens to innovatively communicate the Plan through creative visualizations and software applications.

Five Year Plan hackathon

The purpose of this hackathon is primarily to crunch the vast amount of datasets available on data portal ( and create visualizations, applications or even short films that will present it in more simplistic and understandable way. You can equate it to many infographics that get released on various different subjects on internet.

The hackathon concentrates on the next Five year plan. It is basically a document that advises Central and State Governments on initiatives that will improve all walks of life. From education to environment and from water to space, everything is included in the Five Year Plan document. The current plan will be 12th document since the Independence.

The participation to this hackathon is open to anyone aged above 18 years old. The hackathon will run for a 2 day period between 6th and 7th of April. First round of registration starts from today (22nd April) and go on till 25th. And second round of registrations will open on 28th and run till April 2nd.

There are prizes for each category:

  • 1st Prize: Rs. 15,000/- + Certificates of Appreciation to the team
  • 2nd Prize: Rs. 10,000/- + Certificates of Appreciation to the team
  • 3 Consolation Prizes: Certificates of Appreciation for the teams
Short Films and Applications
  • 1st Prize: Rs. 25,000/- + Certificates of Appreciation to the team
  • 2nd Prize: Rs. 15,000/- + Certificates of Appreciation to the team
  • 3 Consolation Prizes: Certificates of Appreciation for the teams

While the prizes are quite modest, one should not participate in this event for money or prize on offer. The work you do will be viewed by Policy makers and will be put up on Government websites for the world to see. Probably one of your apps may even contribute to a policy being formed or a suggestion being put in the 12th Five Year Plan. You will get more than bragging rights that’s for sure!

For more information and participation visit You can also follow the event @PlanComIndia,@pitrodasam and at

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