Chandigarh has 4G Now [ Toons]


Yeah, its time for some fun in the morning – Yesterday, Bharti Airtel announced launch of 4G services in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula. While, it is great for (very few) people who spend their days and nights on the internet, it hardly matters for most of them.

Infact, I’d be surprised even is 75 percent of the population are able to comprehend what 4G really is… Here is what the most frequent scenario would be.

  1. Mansi jain says

    When it will come … our city 3g not come. my mean … 4g is comeing but india is still at 1 g

  2. Piyual says

    4G first launched in Kolkata, but I have not seen anyone who is using this service. Actually very few people is using 3G.

  3. Altaf says

    Thats a nice one :)

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