Samsung, HTC & Sony Flagships: 3 Lessons for Each Other


Android won the smartphone war and Samsung became the automatic leader in this world. This does not mean by any chance that the other companies have not been doing their bit. In fact, as per me, you can buy any flagship and be happy with the phone as long as you like the look of it.

The phones at such a high end are generally faster than needed by the Android system and use high quality products making them perfect for any user except the power users and not every user buys the high end phone to kill it.

For example I would like to discuss three Flagships today-

  1. Samsung Galaxy S4
  2. HTC One
  3. Sony Xperia Z

These all have Quad core processors and more than 1 GB RAM with at least 16 GB Storage. Do not get confused by S4’s octa core talks. It is basically two quad-cores only. The idea is more about saving battery than increasing speeds. Also, the difference is not going to affect the three phones much anyways as Android runs smoothly on phones with much lower specifications. These phones are above the threshold necessary to run them.

Still, each of these phones has a feature that the other one need to have as well, in my opinion at least.

Dual Camera Feature: Samsung Galaxy S4

The first is Samsung Galaxy S4. The phone has brought with it many novel features. Already, I was impressed with S3’s two window method. As the phone is 5”, it is very wise to split the windows for some work. In S4, they have added the dual camera feature which takes video chatting to a new level and trust me on this.

Dual Camera Feature

Once people get their hand on this feature, it might even open a can of new apps that utilize this particular feature to create a new breed of videos. All in all, I might not be impressed by the looks of the phone or the hardware segment but each iteration of the phone is bringing new features to the Android arena itself.

Aluminum Unibody: HTC One

This brings me to HTC One. Now, HTC as a company was once known for the quality of its UI. These were the times when the Android UI was bland compared to the iOS UI. This is not the case now and thus the UI of HTC (though still better than the rest) is not particularly its killer feature. Its build quality on the other hand is something Samsung can learn a thing or two from. Aluminum unibody is something that gives the phone a classy look that even the S4 will envy.

HTC One Aluminium Unibody

Waterproof / Dustproof Phone: Sony Xperia Z

Sony has raised its bar with the phones it is bringing to the fore. While traditionally their flagship lies a bit behind the above two, the latest phone Xperia Z brings something to the table that I feel should become a de-facto in high end phones.

Sony Xperia Z waterproof test

Buying a 40k+ phone (Samsung S4 rumored to be above Rs. 60,000) and all its needs is a splash of water and everything is down the drain. Sony Xperia Z does not comply with that. The phone is water proof and dust proof. This should become a feature in the high end phones I believe as no one wants their top of the class phone to become useless because they are left stranded out in rain or their best friends throw them in the pool.

Despite the entire patent troll going on, I believe that these are a few things the flagships should copy from each other’s notebooks.

What is your opinion?

  1. Sundeep says

    Dude, Xperia Z dust “PROOF” and water “PROOF”. You understand that there is a difference between the words “RESISTANT” and “PROOF”, they should not be used as same. Please make the necessary correction.

    Big fan of Xperia also impressed by the HTC One and of the opinion that Samsug phones are downright ugly.

  2. Arun says

    I guess octa-core means two quad-core and not two dual-cores as mentioned.

    1. Kunal Prakash says

      My bad Arun, just a typo error. All the phones are indeed two quad cores as mentioned in the first line.

      1. Arun Prabhudesai says

        Typo rectified…

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