The 5 biggest changes Android brought…in my perspective!


By now you guys must have guessed that I see world with my own skewed perspective (Google Glass anyone!). Where people might see certain advantages of any technology, I see very different advantages that the technology brings.

Let me share with you some technological advantages I feel Android has brought in our country. Mind you, many of these are brought in the whole world as well.


1. Standardization of Charging and sound jack:

If you think that this is a small feat just look at the number and kinds of charger there were before Android came into the picture. Even the same company had multiple charger pin type for different kinds of phones. Remember asking for a Nokia’s thin pin charger and getting a thick pin instead – the horror!

Still, it was better for Nokia’s users as at least someone might have the charger. For other phones, it was carry-it-yourself. Now, if you are in a Delhi metro, chances are great of you finding a charger in the same seat. And it is not just the Android; even the new Nokia-Windows phones carry the same standardization. Blackberry of course had micro-USB before as well.

2. GPS:

I might be in the minority in our country but I prefer looking at maps rather than asking for directions. Smartphones’ current crop ensures that you are not lost until your phone’s battery is with you. I bought a car charger specifically for long trips and it might not be an exaggeration that I might be using my maps app more than any game on my phone.

3. Wi-Fi Hotspots:

Don’t be shy and honestly tell me. Before having a phone with Wi-Fi how many of you felt the need of a Wi-Fi Hotspot. The dongles were pretty neat and at home people were fine with the wired net. Not anymore, no sir. We need them in malls and cafes and our offices. My office has both LAN and Wi-Fi and trust me, my phone goes into Wi-Fi mode as soon as it smells my office.

4. Wi-Fi Tethering:

I should have probably clubbed the two but they are exact opposite things. Unlike in US, tethering is not an issue here and thus we all love it. Be it a person using 3G and enjoying web surfing on his laptop instead of the tiny screen of mobile or a person in dire need of sending a mail from laptop and using the puny EDGE network to just send that one attachment. As I mentioned earlier in an article, it might even cause the downfall of CDMA dongles.

5. Rise of the E-books:

I will make a confession here. I have read Stephanie Meyer. The proud part is that I read it on a 2.6” screen of Sony Xperia X10 Mini Pro.

That was the time when the Android market (yes it was called that) was in its infancy and so was the e-book market in India. Now, with the 7” tablets running like bunnies and 4” screen becoming norm, reading e-book on a phone is easier than ever.

The softwares are also improving every day and companies are betting more on the market. Flipkart has started selling E-books under its Flyte brand and when Google enters a market big things happen. It recently launched its Google play Books in India along with an app.

  1. Gaurav Jhamb says

    Open source technology is I believe, the biggest driver of Android’s success.

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