What makes Women Happy at Workplace [Women’s Day Infographic]


Today is International Women’s Day 2013 and we want to wish all the women in India and women across the world a very Happy women’s day.

Accenture had recently conducted a research “Defining Success” for International Women’s Day that looks into various aspects in a workplace that make a women employee happy.

The research showed, 80% of women say that having a flexible work schedule is either very important or extremely important to their career success. That is biggest aspect for them to be happy. 85 percent women also said that having flexible work hours reduces their stress, and therefore increases their productivity as well.

Check out the Infographic created by Accenture call “Making Women Happy {in the Workplace}” that puts forth the aspect that women look in a workplace!


Hope all the women out there are having fun today!

  1. Altaf says

    Looking at the work place facilities provided by reputed IT companies like gyms, play areas and such things, few things come to my mind.
    These things make Ladies happy in Work places :
    Beauty saloons in work places. It saves them time to travel to such places.
    Work places should be inside shopping malls so that they can go for shopping.
    Gosipping rooms are a must.

    Just kidding. Happy Women’s day.

  2. Siddharth Vyas says

    Happy Womens Day..

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