Court Orders unblocking of blocked IIPM Urls!


The IIPM url blocking fiasco has blown into Arindam Choudhary’s face big time. On January 29th, based on Arindam’s petition (filed by Ruchiv Sharma), court had ordered to block 78 web urls that painted negative picture of IIPM in one way or another. The url’s blocked were from different websites including that of University Grants Commission (UGC).

However, since the time url’s were blocked, Indian social media fraternity has reacted quite severely and created a huge negative buzz around IIPMs action. Many Social Media influencers in in India like Mahesh Murthy, founder of Pinstorm and Seedfund, have been taking Arindam Choudhary head-on and exposing harsh facts about IIPM. For example, here is a screenshot which Mahesh Murthy put up, showing IIPM’s comparatively huge marketing budgets as compared to salaries paid to their staff.

Mahesh Murthy msg

Arindam and his team have been trying to block these reactions from Facebook as well as other social media platforms with limited success.

However, it looks like IIPM has now taken a body blow with Gwalior court ordering an unblock to over 70 urls that were blocked earlier. This unblocking has come about due to review petition filed on behalf of Department of Telecommunication (DoT). Two other advocates from Google India as well as Google International told the court that they were just a search engine and showed links based on keywords on the page, and the should not be blocked.

Taking note of this argument, the court issued an interim order to cancel the previous ruling and unblock the urls. Although, the final decision has not been made in the court as yet, the hearing is set for March 14.

We reviewed some of the urls that were blocked, and while some of them still give the blocked message by DoT, the UGC link – [] which talks about unrecognized status of IIPM, is back up online and the linked pdf document can be seen. Some other urls on Google’s BlogSpot platform are online (like this one), some are not accessible and show up a blank page.

One thing is for sure – the decision of IIPM getting the urls blocked has back-fired badly, and the amount of negative press that Arindam and IIPM has got is sure to affect their business severely. After all, it became front page news for couple of days in national dailies!

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