Public Sector Bank for Women, Men start Window Shopping [ Toons]


Union Budget was announced today, and Finance Minister made a significant announcement for women. India’s first  public sector bank for women will be setup this year.

What we think is now we will see men might all of a sudden get interested in “Window Shopping” at banks.


Isn’t it time for some fun after an eventful Budget day !

  1. Altaf says

    Actually I dont understand the concept. What is the objective?
    If it is an exclusive Ladies only Bank, any of the existing Banks can start a branch for Ladies. Many such branches exist where I work. The Bank Branch is manned by Ladies (sorry, should we say Womannned by?) and cater to Ladies only. So that Ladies can Bank in the comfort of exclusivity.
    Then whats the advantage of having a new Bank? Will its operations be any different to other banks? If so, it comes under competition law purview. (The logic is – How can one Bank offer better terms while others are not allowed?)
    Chidu could have allocated the 1000 crores to all banks and told them to use this money for Ladies only.
    Just my two paisa :)

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      @altaf… absolutely agree with your point…

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