Google Play Books store opens up in India!


Google has opened up the play book store in India. While it was available in few countries earlier, Google was not offering books on its store in India till now.

Google Play book store

Currently there are over 4 million titles available on Google Play book store and also available for on Android, iOS as well as on the web. Indian users can purchase books from the store using their Google Play account.

Google play also has their own ebook reader for mobile as well web, which users can use to download and read the books. We tried a few books using Android phone, and experience was quite good.

Google Play book store collage

Currently, Indian users can only use Credit card to buy books on play store as the payments to Play book go via Google wallet. We tried using debit card, but it did not accept. This probably is a very big impediment as very few users will actually have credit cards. Google play store does not allow netbanking or other payment facilities as well.

Flipkart Flyte has been doing quite well (for music as well as books) and we compared prices on few books with Google Play store. Although, most of the prices are similar, what we found was that books by Indian publishers are actually cheaper on Flipkart Flyte, while the western titles in fiction category are cheaper on Google Play store (but not by a large margin).

Till Google play does not add other payment facilities, they may not see large scale adoption. This also gives quite a big advantage to Flipkart Flyte!

  1. Punit Tongia says

    Better late than never! These books are competitively priced, but still Flipkart’s Flyte offers cheaper eBooks.

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