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Free WiFi Access for Indian Railways [Trak.in Toons]

One aspect of yesterday’s Railway Budget has been discussed at length in Social Media – The announcement of free wi-fi access provision made by the Railway Minister. While everyone has their own opinion on this matter, we also have our own…

This is how we think the Wi-fi Access on Indian Railways will be provided!


So, what’s you take?

About Vijay S Paul

Vijay is a Start-Up Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of a Kochi based Social Media Marketing firm - IZE Creative. He is also a part time blogger, graphic designer, IEEE Volunteer and in free time loves to draw cartoons, most of which are released under "The Nonsense Times"


  1. 2Gbps on Wifi? No Brains!

  2. Super Like… This is called Indian democracy / secularism / equal rights etc.

  3. Free internet in railway! What an idea sir ji!

  4. I wouldn’t have gone into that territory if I were you

  5. hahaha…nice one VIjay :)

  6. That’s tasteless.

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