Smartphone Feature Upgrades in 2013: What more can be crammed in?


The new year is here and along with it the promise of new gadgets. Last year was a great year in technology as I have mentioned before and if 2013 brings half as much excitement it would be a good year nevertheless. I am really excited to see what new technological advances this year brings especially in the smartphones section.

Three upgrades that will inevitably arrive be:

  1. Faster processor and RAM.
  2. Smoother OS
  3. Better resolution screens.

These three are no brainer. Speed of the mobile devices is getting special attention since the beginning and this shall continue this year as well. RAM too is a necessary part of the speeding process and thus will obviously accompany the processor.

Smartphone Features

Second thing, to be honest is more of a hope than sure-shot reality. Google has been working on smoothing its OS and I believe this shall continue in this year as well. Apple will also not be behind in this and neither will be Windows or Blackberry. User experience is almost everything in Mobile segment and the companies know this.

Third, though persistent, I think is going to be “not needing upgrade”. The phones with 720p are quite enough for now but companies will not get satisfied and already we are seeing launch of 1080p in phones. In my opinion, currently it is just a boast off!

I am more curious as to what will happen beside these three. I have left a fourth one that has been actually the most prominent one in the previous years. Screen size!

Every iteration of every phone manufacturer has had this in common. There best phone had the biggest screen. The prices of the phones were determined predominately by their screen size. But, that scenario is no more.

It is similar to the fall of mobile tariffs. There is a limit. Now, the companies are looking at other ways to entice customers. Something similar is going to happen in 2013. Almost every company has reached 5” in their phones. They cannot go any further. They should not go any further.

The question then comes – Now what?

How do they improve the phone? Apple does not have this problem as they have changed the screen size only once and this means that they can stay on the same screen size for three more years and they have much scope still. From 4” they can atleast go for 3 more iterations (Iphone 6, 7 and 8:)).

Other companies have exhausted this option. What are the other features that can come in handy. Rumors are that Galaxy S4 is getting S-pen. Maybe, but this is not something new and in all probability, it won’t happen as it will take away Note’s advantage.

Maybe the competition will be in the software field. In this case, every company’s User Interface and experience will play a major role. Maybe batteries will finally get the long due look they deserved. Long lasting batteries are the need of the hour!

And yes, I completely forgot about Smartphone with Airbags… A necessary feature, but I doubt it will arrive anytime soon, not atleast in 2013!

What is your opinion in the matter? What are the features (hardware or software) that might be the killing factor? Are there any features you think should be incorporated by companies?

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