Zynga Shutting Down Games on Facebook – Reflection on Facebook?


It is no secret now that Zynga is not the force that it once used to be in the gaming industry. Well, in all honesty it was never a part of gaming industry per se. Zynga rose to success with the rise of mighty Facebook. People socializing started playing games and of course, due to the social angle the games became immersive and soon people were flocking towards them.

I have known a few people who even made Facebook account just to play games like Farmville. This was a win-win situation for both the parties. In due course, other companies which were traditional gaming companies like EA began to understand the true power of Social Media.

All this is history though. In one single sweep, mobile took away everything.

Zynga Shutting Down

The games are now being played on smartphones with a company like Rovio becoming the new Zynga. And Zynga is now shutting down its major games so as to remain afloat. Some of the titles include PetVille, Mafia Wars 2, ForestVille, Vampire Wars and Indiana Jones Adventure World.

On the other hand, companies which made the transition, or which started on the mobile base are now growing exponentially.

This begs two questions in my mind.

1. Is the slowdown of Zynga a reflection on Facebook’s popularity as well?

2. Will companies like Rovio face the same fate?

Facebook is not increasing in pace anymore. It has reached a plateau where it can either stay and earn its money or can go down when a new kid comes. Still, the pace at which Zynga, EA and other companies are shutting down their businesses it might seem facebook is on a negative stride. Add to that the falling stock price and it gives an impression that facebook is a burning ship.

If we assume that this is not true though then the question that comes to my mind is whether it is a trend that will repeat itself for the current crop of companies as well which are currently riding the mobile wave?

Will some other format come along and take these companies by surprise as well? If so what do you think this new platform might be?

What is your take on it?

On a different note… Will hand-held gaming consoles also fall prey to onslaught of mobile gaming?

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