Aakash 3 will have Linux version, tender for 5.5 mln pieces in offing


While Aakash 2 is still being talked about, the centre has already started preparations for Aakash 3 tablets. Trak.in team has reliably learned that tender for 5.5 million Aakash 3 tablets will be released by end of February 2013.

The specifications for Aakash 3 are currently being finalized and preparation of tender is currently underway.

Aakash 3-001

One of the most important aspects of Aakash 3 will be the addition of Sim card slot, that will allow users to browse internet from anywhere without the need of having wifi hotspot. The inclusion of sim card slot will also allow users the freedom to make normal mobile voice calls from the tablet itself. As of now, it is not clear whether sim card will support 3G or not, but will be Edge/GPRS enabled.

Another important change is that Aakash 3 will come in Linux flavour as well. So users can either decide to go in for an Android version or a Linux version. Porting of Linux on Aakash has already been completed and is currently being tested.

Specifications for Aakash 3

Apart from having sim card slot and linux version, Aakash 3 will also see upgrade on hardware front. While the screen will remain at 7 inch capacitive touch, the CPU is expected to be dual core (though we could not confirm it). Aakash 3 is also expected to have upgraded RAM and a better battery life.

Many Aakash specific educational apps are being developed at various IITs across India and Aakash 3 is also expected to have its own parallel Educational App marketplace.

Price for Aakash 3

Even with the upgraded hardware and Sim card slot, the price of Aakash 3 will not be higher. It will remain the same or in all probability be lower due to the fact that a manufacturing facility is expected to be setup in India itself for developing the various components of Aakash 3.

  1. Sunny says

    Its a big hope for people who just cant afford to buy an expensive desktop/laptop.


  2. Pradyumna Chatterjee says

    Too many tenders and no supply is a very dangerous thing..

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